How to Improve Cannabis Smell?

You must be fortunate enough to live in a state or country where cannabis is legal. There can be chances of the plant being illegal where you reside. To maintain the safety of your plants, you must keep the smelly terpenes in control. Almost everyone knows the stink of weed. 

Many strategies can be used to keep the smell of your cannabis under control. Stinky terpenes are the most ordinary reason why your cannabis may start smelling. You must create an odour control mechanism before germination of your seed so that you get sufficient time to get the equipment and proper setup. Read this post till the end as it will tell you everything you should know about controlling the smell of cannabis and the reasons why this smell exists. 

How to Improve Cannabis Smell?

About Cannabis 

Cannabis is a plant that is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The products which are based on cannabis are mostly derived from the dried leaves, flowering top stems as well as seeds of the hemp (cannabis Sativa) plant. Cannabis used for recreational and medical purposes has not been legalized in all states yet. People who want to buy cannabis or use it are advised to check its legal status in their state first. 

Cannabis can be simply referred to as a plant. People make use of the dried leaves, and seed oil along with many other parts of this plant for medical and recreational uses. It has a pleasant effect and is also known to help in soothing the symptoms of different conditions like chronic pain. 

There are lots of ways in which you can use this plant. Some of them are brewing it like tea, using as a topical treatment, vaping or smoking it, consuming it raw, taking it as supplements or capsules, and eating it in form of candies, brownies and other edibles. There are a few psychoactive ingredients present in cannabis and these ingredients can be mind-boggling. The balance and potency of all ingredients may differ based on how the plant is grown and processed by the manufacturer.  

About Cannabis 

Reasons why cannabis may smell bad 

Cannabis plants don’t smell throughout the entire cycle of their growth. They are completely free of the street in the seeding as well as vegetative phases. During these growth stages, plants are known to turn all of their energy into getting as huge as they can to accommodate more flowers. Gradually, the vegetative phase is supposed to end. 

Based on the plant type, the flowering state can be either initiated by a change in daylight houses, type of plant or genetic process. In the next few weeks, you will see your plant stretching and showing the initial flowering signs. 

The increase in intensity is mainly caused by other important developments in the plant-like small structures which are like crystals you will notice on the cannabis flowers. These are called trichomes which are shaped like mushrooms and are glands that give out a resin that has high cannabinoids and terpenes with a strong smell. Your flowers will also start to smell when your plants start to produce this resin and will even remain stinky after harvesting. 

Tips to make your cannabis smell good 

It can be understood that someone wants to cultivate potent weed that can give a huge yield several cultivators aim at growing CBD or THC content so much that they forget to consider the taste and smell of their cannabis. 

The cannabis plant comprises more than 100 cannabinoids and millions of terpenes. It is the terpene content of a strain that is mainly responsible for the aroma and flavour. Regardless of whether you like it or not, the odour of your buds can help a lot in perceiving the quality but can you enhance the real experience as well as potency. 

The present-day cultivator is spoiled in every parameter of cannabis cultivation. This comprises of the tools which are requ9red for creat8ng weed with string scent like diesel and skunk, fruity of course, good aromas, sweet and other flavours like mango, pineapple, strawberry and chocolate. 

On thinking about it for some time, you must be thinking the main thing you should do to decide which cannabis strain is the best to buy from a dispensary. For most of the customers, it is to get a good smelling bud to know it is an appeal to the buyers. At last, those who are new to marijuana cultivation oftentimes make the mistake that keeping their strains from smelling good. 

make your cannabis smell good 

  • Use specialized supplements and nutrients 

Three are several nutrient and supplement options available in the market presently. You can try narrowing things down by emphasizing the products particularly created to enhance the smell and taste of cannabis buds. 

The foremost thing to know is not to use a lot of nutrients at the flowering stage of your cannabis plants. Suitably, you will find it has become loaded at the vegetative stage. At the time when your plant starts flowing, it also needs particular nutrients, like those contained in the particular bloom products which have low nitrogen but high potassium and phosphorous. 

Many cultivators fall for the appeal of chemical nutrients. For this record, these are the main source of nutrients with the names of molecular compounds like Ammonium Phosphate and Potassium Nitrate. In simple words, chemical nutrients have high efficiency. 

They can increase the vegetative growth of your plant and also increase its potency. Those who are experienced cultivators will recommend using organic supplements for your cannabis plant. The chances of getting good-smelling bugs are high while the nutrients are organically broken down in the soil. Many brands retail organic supplements but you can do it on your own by including amendments. 

  • Use super soil

In the world of cannabis, living soil is mostly known as super soil. This kind of soil comprises a very active colony where there are microorganisms that are designed for helping your plants to live. It is an enhanced version of the natural soil as it has significant amendments and supplements. It may seem like the weed that is grown in the living soil has a greater profile of terpene which may lead to buds with excellent smell but the taste is good too. 

Living soil has many organic changes before it is finally composted. This procedure also causes the microorganisms to grow in soil which breaks down all nutrients and feeds them to the roots of plants directly. The credit goes to these wonderful microorganisms as the main role includes soil watering and noticing the growth of your weed. 

The living soil also can take care of the nutrients requirements of the plant and check the pH levels. Cultivators who want huge yields are not willing to choose the living soil as it leads to plants with slow growth. Such people want liquid nutrients but they often forget to consider the flavour and aroma of the bud. 

  • Use strong UV-B Lights

Someone with very little knowledge about growing cannabis will know the requirement of exposing the plant to strong light. When you grow the plant outside in an ideal climate, the sun offers suitable light or UV light required for plants that smell great and strong. But, growing them outside is not possible for most cultivators so they prefer growing them indoors.

The most ordinary type of lighting that is used here is the HPS. The UV-B lighting is suitable for weed as it aids the rise in production of buds or trichomes and enhances the fragrance of your bud. The ultraviolet light can’t be seen but it has a deep effect on our lives. 

The UV-B lighting may be hurtful for plants but the trichomes can protect them in such a way that becomes similar to the application of sunscreen in humans. If you use these lights on your cannabis plants, you must wear glasses for protection. There is UV-A light also but UV-B light is considered more effective for the growth of cannabis. 

Which factor plays a key role in the aroma of cannabis?

Terpenes are undeniably the most important role player in enhancing the fragrance of weed. These compounds are mostly discovered in plants and you will also find them in different aromatic products like perfumes and shower gel. In cannabis, terpenes are usually formed with cannabinoids on flower trichomes. 

You just need to keep a measure to enhance the production of several terpenes to increase the taste and smell of your cannabis. One of the most effective ways of increasing terpene production is placing a bit of stress on the plants. It is only recommended for you to make ahead if you’ve already had experience in cultivating weed. It is advised not to stress your plant too much as it could stop the production and even end the life of your plants. 

aroma of cannabis

The most suitable time to put stress on your plants is somewhere in the middle of the life cycle or over a few weeks before harvesting. It is important to place the stress for a longer period and not just for once. LST or Low-Stress Training is suitable because it is a gentle way. It also involves moving or bending the stems with low pressure. The main aim is to enforce the plant to start growing upwards and outwards. While making use of LST, don’t break the branches, and don’t touch the buds physically.

HST or High-Stress Training is stronger, but it is very harmful to your crop. It also involves breaking particular segments of the stem without causing exterior damage. You can also avail the option of trimming or strategically pruning the useless leaves. 

Can you control the smell of the cannabis plant? 

The scent of cannabis is very easy to recognize and you might need to cover it up at times. Each strain provides a varied range of terpenes but the organic and gassy fragrance is the most important. Such a unique smell can make use of the herb and give a good experience but also can attract attention, and draw in the unwanted noses and eyes. 

It can be possible for you to control the smell of the cannabis plant but it can be difficult. Cannabis remains illegal in several parts of the world. Cultivating the plant at home may have many positive aspects like the satisfaction of weed smoking and saving a lot of money in the process. But, it also has a risk-based on where you stay. 

Some cultivators stay in areas where they can get a slap or warning on their wrist if it gets busted. Other growers have to face even more severe consequences, like eviction by the landlord. In a return, the cannabis cultivators follow several measures for the safety of their plants. Some growers also cover their windows to stop the smell from going out. Others also convert their computer towers and cupboards into small grow rooms to hide their plants and keep them safe. 

Can you control the smell of the cannabis plant? 

You can use different techniques to keep the crop in check but the smell of the plant at its flowering state may not go away. The terpenes in cannabis have a very powerful smell and can stink through a whole apartment if they are not checked. The cultivators must take all the necessary steps to stop the terpenes from smelling so that they are not discovered easily. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all you should know about improving the smell of your cannabis plant. The smell may be natural but there are ways in which you can control it. Some of the most effective ways of controlling this smell have been discussed above in this post. You can try these ways of keeping a check and improving the smell of your cannabis plant. Many reasons which cause the cannabis plant to smell bad are also mentioned above in this post.

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