Are Marijuana Buds and “Flower” the Same Thing?

Many people in many countries consume marijuana. However, for your information, it is not legal to consume marijuana flower strains in many countries. So, one should always find out if it is legal to consume in one’s place before purchasing the same.  Consumption of marijuana is not just for recreational activities as it has medicinal value. However, the important question is marijuana buds and flowers the same thing? 

Well, if you are interested to learn the difference between these two and other details relating to the marijuana flower then, you are at the very right place. This post will be covering all the information about marijuana flowers including different types of marijuana flowers, and the methods of consumption. 

Are Marijuana Buds and “Flower” the Same Thing

Is there any difference between marijuana buds and flowers?

If you are a beginner and have never smoked marijuana then, you might be confused about what the marijuana buds and the flowers are. You might also be thinking about if there lies any difference between the marijuana flowers and marijuana buds. 

Well, to answer your question directly without beating around the bush, there is a slight difference between the marijuana flowers and marijuana buds. As the flowers and the buds of marijuana are not the same things you would indeed want to learn the difference between them both. We would like to differentiate both of these by defining what the buds and the flower refers to.

The marijuana bud in general comes from the marijuana female plant. Only when the male and the female marijuana flower pollinate will the buds develop. Marijuana buds are the most common term that is used by all marijuana consumers. If you have not heard about marijuana buds yet then, you need to learn a bit more of the basics before you plan to consume the same.

The male part of the plant is considered as the flower that turns to become a seed which when pollinated by the female flower becomes a bud. This is in brief the difference between the flower and the bird as per the experts. 

The flower is the reproductive organ of the plant that is surrounded by sepals and petals whereas the buds are the flower and leaf at an elementary stage. Now that you have gained a basic understanding of the difference between flowers and buds of marijuana, let us try understanding the reasons why the buds are also called flowers.

Is there any difference between marijuana buds and flowers?

Reasons why the buds are also called flowers

The marijuana buds are also termed marijuana flowers by many people for plenty of reasons. Many people call the buds flowers because the main concept is the same. The flowers as you have understood are part of the male marijuana plant. The real magical things happen when the male and their marijuana flower are eliminated and the female marijuana flowers are kept away from getting pollinated. 

As to the media, the term marijuana products gained great popularity. People consume marijuana in different ways as per their preference and convenience. The companies to make things easier consider the buds and the flowers the same. This makes it also easy for the consumers to understand and make it less confusing for them. 

If the buds and flowers are considered different, it can create confusion, especially for beginners who have no clue about the marijuana flowers or buds. Although both are used for the very same purpose that is either medicinal or recreational, it is in reality different from one another. This is all that you need to know in regards to the marijuana flower and buds and the reason why they are considered one.

Now that you have gained an understanding of the reasons why the buds are also called the marijuana flower, let us proceed further towards the next section. The next section will be shedding some light on the different types of marijuana flowers. Therefore, keep on reading the post further for more detail on the marijuana flower. The section further will shed some light on the things you need to consider before purchasing marijuana flowers.

Different types of marijuana flowers

Not to beat around the bush, the marijuana flower can be divided simply into three different categories. Each strain has its unique properties, and necessities, and has different results. Every strain will have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The three types have been laid down below for your reference and clarity so that you have full knowledge before you purchase the same. 

  • Indica: The list begins with the Indica, which is generally cultivated indoors. It contains lower levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol levels. It can grow as long as around 6 feet and has a very short period of flowering. Hence, it is grown mostly in those areas that have a short period of winter. Indica provides relaxation, increases appetite, and helps you in getting quality sleep.
  • Sativa: The Sativa in addition is a strain that contains a high amount of THC that is Tetrahydrocannabinol. The leaves of this strain are comparatively long. With the consumption of the Sativas, your brain will function better and you might become more talkative than normal. It is best for people who suffer from mood disorders, social anxiety and depression. 
  • Hybrid: Well, if you are looking for a strain that provides you with a perfect combination of energy and relaxation then, you need to without any confusion purchase the hybrid strain. The hybrid strain contains a blend of different qualities that also includes the qualities of both the Sativas as well as the Indicas. Hybrid does not contain any unique features including height or leaf shape.  Hybrids require around six to ten weeks for flowering. 

Different types of marijuana flowers

This was all about the different types of marijuana flowers that are available. However, before you go out to buy the marijuana flower of any of these strains make sure that you follow the steps that will be mentioned in the next segment. You should learn how to select the best quality marijuana flower strain. So, keep reading!

Things to look for while ordering marijuana flowers

As you are aware of the different types of marijuana flowers, let us understand the things that need to be considered while purchasing the marihuana flower. Some of the critical things that you need to remember and follow to purchase high-quality marijuana flowers have been highlighted below. 

Things to look for while ordering marijuana flowers

  • Smell

When you buy marijuana flowers, the first thing that you do is to check the smell of the weed. In case, you enjoy smelling the strain then, you can purchase the same. Just so you know different strains smell different. Generally, good marijuana flowers will smell earthy and strong, fruity, skunky or floral. 

  • Appearances

Well, you should also consider how the marijuana flowers look while you are purchasing. The best quality marijuana flowers would be deep purple or bright green. High-quality marijuana flower has strong smell, flavour, and effects. Hence, a jar of marijuana flowers looks attractive to you then; you should smell it before purchasing. 

  • Effects

Moreover, you should engage in proper research before you purchase any strain of marijuana. Research the smell, effects, and other details of marijuana flowers to select the high quality of marijuana. To explain this in a simpler form, if you are having depression or if you get anxiety attacks then, you should stay away from the strains that stimulate your emotions.

  • The ratio of THC CBD 

The percentage of THC and CBD in your marijuana is critical to check. When you purchase marijuana make sure that you ask the person concerned regarding the percentage of the THC CBD ratio. If you have ever tried marijuana flower and liked it with a ratio of 18% THC then, try to purchase the marijuana flower with the same percentage of THC CBD ratio.

A few of the things should be considered before purchasing the marijuana flower as mentioned above in the section. Continue reading!

How do you smoke marijuana flowers?

Now that you know the different strains and how to purchase the best one, you should know how to smoke the marijuana flower. Well, you can consume the marijuana flower in a lot many ways and we will be enlisting a few of the ways you can try. Although smoking is the most common method to consume marijuana, let us know the various methods as well. 

  • Joint

Joint is the common method through which most marijuana consumers follow. Here in this method, the consumers smoke marijuana through a marijuana cigarette. This means that the marijuana flower strain is rolled out on the rolling paper that is smokable. You need to simply smoke and put the marijuana for her just the way you might smoke a cigarette. 

  • Bong

Bong is the most interesting method of consuming the marijuana flower strain. It is a kind of water pipe or bong that makes it easy for individuals to filter the smoke via water. This will make consumption much better for the consumers. 

  • Pipe

Furthermore, the use of pipes as well as normal. It is a stoner tool to smoke out the marijuana flower strains. The pipe is used by the consumer for smoking weed. They do not require anything beyond match or lighter, pipe, and flower. These three alone will fulfil all your requirements. 

  • Blunt

Blunt is another method that marijuana consumers can go ahead and follow. Here, similar to the method of joints, the marijuana flower strain is rolled out in an emptied cigar or blunt wrap. You can as well follow this method to consume the marijuana flower strain.

This was in brief about the different methods of consuming the marijuana flower. Let us now move towards the next section to know if you can consume the dried marijuana flower as well. The next section will be elaborating on the same so, continue reading further. 

Can you consume raw marijuana flowers?

In regards to the query raised above, you should know you can consume the raw marijuana flower strain. Although you can consume the strain, it has been found that the three components that are CBD, CBG, and THC produce therapeutic effects. The best part is that the three components that have been mentioned do not exist in a raw week in higher concentrations. Well, now you might be wondering what raw marijuana flower strains contain. Well, the raw marijuana flower strain contains three cannabinoids with the acid carboxylic attached. 

Can you consume raw marijuana flowers?

The three components that the raw marijuana flower strain contains as per the experts include cannabidiolic acid, cannabigerolic acid, and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, the three components that the strain contains are CBGA, CBDA, and THCA-A. When this is exposed to the heat or sunlight, from baking or smoking, the acid carboxylic is detached. The process where the carboxylic acid is detached is known as decarboxylation. If the carboxylic acid is not present then, the three components mentioned above can create a serious therapeutic effect. 

When the therapeutic effect is created, the individual becomes high and that tetrahydrocannabinol presents its effects. Nevertheless, on the other hand, if carboxylic acid is present then, the person will less likely to get high after the consumption of the marijuana flower strain. This is all that you need to know in regards to the effects of the carboxylic acid is present and absent. Hopefully, you have gained clarity over whether you can consume the raw marijuana flower strain. Make sure you do proper research before you consume marijuana. 

Final Words

The consumption of marijuana flower strain can be both beneficial for physical health as well as provide mental peace. As per some experts, it is believed that the consumption of marijuana also stimulates creativity and makes the person focus completely on the work. If you are planning to consume marijuana flowers then, make sure to do two things. First, check whether the consumption of marijuana is legal in your nation-state. Secondly, do proper research about the consumption of marijuana. 

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