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Welcoming to Plants of Merit!

This blog is curated with the intent to help people learn more about gardening, cannabis, and everything you need to know as a learning gardener. Our primary objective is to make growing plants in your home an accessible option that everyone can get behind.

More than the factual tips and strategies of gardening, we are also here to break down the common myths and misconceptions that plague people’s minds when it comes to cannabis, its growth, and its usage in day-to-day life.

All of our published articles are curated by a group of enthusiastic creators who love gardening, cannabis, and everything related to plants. Kindly remember that our blog is only for informational purposes. None of our articles should be taken as suggestions or recommendations.

We would highly recommend that you run your research subjectively before trying any processes or going forward with any kinds of purchases that are unintentionally mentioned in the articles. Neither this blog nor the curators of the blog should be held responsible for the use of any gardening tips or information that is published on the website. 

That said, we are happy that you are here to learn more about plants, gardening, and the associated.