Best Kush Strains in 2023 Reviewed – Get a Strong Buzz

Best Kush Strains

When it comes to getting Indica dominant strains, there is one special type of Indica strain that people all over the world have acknowledged and have loved. These are the ‘Kush’ strains. These strains offer a very potent and provide you the ultimate Cannabis Indica experience. These Kush strains are often either overwhelmingly Indica-dominant or … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for Lupus in 2023 – Reviewing the Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Best Marijuana Strains for Lupus

Those who have watched the shenanigans of Dr. House on the popular TV Show House MD would definitely have heard of Lupus as that was a running gag on the show that ‘it’s never Lupus’. However, that aside, Lupus is a serious ailment that needs a lot of care and attention. Recent studies have pointed … Read more

Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains of 2023 Reviewed: Check Out the Best Looking Marijuana 

Most Beautiful Cannabis Strains

While different marijuana strains can have different effects on those who smoke them, and they can also carry different flavors and smells, they can also look different! In this article, we discuss some of the most unique and beautiful cannabis strains that you can grow at your home. Good-looking strains are always in demand, especially … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for Fibromyalgia in 2023 – Reviewing the Best High-CBD Medical Marijuana Strains 

Best Marijuana Strains for Fibromyalgia

Apart from being something that you can smoke to get high, marijuana also has many other benefits. For centuries, marijuana has been used in traditional medical practices. Be it the ancient Chinese culture, the Mayans, the ancient Indians, or many other civilizations in the past – marijuana has been used for its medical properties. Modern … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for People with Bipolar Disorder: Marijuana Strains that Uplift Your Mood

Best Marijuana Strains for People with Bipolar Disorder

While there’s limited research about the benefits of marijuana when it comes to bipolar disorder, and scientists are still working on finding out the exact benefits and side effects, we do know that people who are affected by this disorder tend to have major mood swings where they feel all the emotions in a heightened … Read more

Best Haze Strains in 2022 – Reviewing Marijuana Strains That Can Get You Really High!

Best Haze Strains

While we know that Indica and Sativa are the two dominant marijuana strains out there, and pretty much every plant carries these two (and in some cases, ruderalis) as a part of their genetic makeup. However, while the strains remain common, there are some ‘families’ within these plants too, which describe the kind of high … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for Migraine Relief – Reviewing the Best Cannabis Strains to Help Reduce Headaches

Best Marijuana Strains for Migraine Relief

Only those who have actually suffered from migraine at some point in time can truly describe how painful, how annoying, and how disturbing it can be. Even the slightest unwanted light or sounds can cause pain that can last for hours. Migraine, which affects close to a billion people in the world, is a very … Read more

10 Best Marijuana Strains for Sex and Female Arousal: Marijuana for Having a Good Time in the Bed

Best Marijuana Strains for Female Arousal

For millennia, there have been herbs and plants that have been consumed to enhance one’s sexual drive and arousal. Cannabis is one of these plants which is often used by couples who want to enhance their sexual experience. While men and women both feel the effects of cannabis on their sexual arousal, this article deals … Read more