Best Seed Banks – 10 Reputable Online Cannabis Seeds That Ship to the USA in 2023

The journey towards growing your own marijuana plant starts at the seed stage. If you plan on growing a plant, the first thing that you need to do is to get hold of good quality seeds – and all of this starts at a seed bank. However, when it comes to seed banks these days, there’s a ‘problem of plenty’. There are so many of them springing up all over the world, that one isn’t really sure which one to buy from! This is why we have decided to compile this list of the 10 best seed banks that ship to the USA.

Seed Banks are generally considered to be the safest places to buy seeds from, because you can’t really buy them from unreliable sources, as they might end up spiked or damaged. Seed banks give you the assurance that the seeds which you are buying are pure and safe, but also feminized and have a high success rate of germination. There are some seed banks which even offer refunds or replacements in case a certain percentage of their seeds don’t germinate! Besides, seed banks also offer you a large variety of strains which might not be possible for you to find in your local area. 

By the time you reach the end of this article, you will know which are the 10 best seed banks that you can order your seeds from, as well as know everything about them – their best strains, their features as well as the pros and cons of buying from each of them. We have tried to provide a detailed review about each of them which will make sure you get a 360-degree understanding of the seed banks before you proceed to buy from them. 

Let us take a closer look at the primary topic at hand:

10 Best Online Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

Here is a list of the 10 best options that you have if you are looking forward to exploring seed banks that ship to the US. We have provided a detailed review along with the pros, cons, and some prominent features listed here. However, we recommend that you always check the legalities of growing weed in your area first before you order these seeds. Additionally, do note that these are 10 equally good seed banks and their listing order is not a ranking of any sorts. Let us begin:

Image Product Features Price
I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank) I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank)

  • Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Popular Strains: Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purple, Bruce Banner, White Widow, Super Skunk

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CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank) CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank)

  • Based In: Vancouver, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Trainwreck, Sour Girl, NYC Diesel, Northern Lights, Lambs Breath

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Seedsman Seed Bank Seedsman Seed Bank

  • Based In: Barcelona and the UK
  • Popular Strains: BCN Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Mac Ganja, SFV OG Kush, Cannalope Haze, Kosher Kush 

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Marijuana Seeds NL Marijuana Seeds NL

  • Based In: London
  • Popular Strains: Gorilla glue, Bruce Banner #3, The Gelato, Fruity Pebbles, Sunset Sherbert, THC Bomb, Wedding Cake

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS Seed Bank) Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS Seed Bank)
  • Based In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Skunk No. 1, Orange Haze, Chemdawg, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, White Dream
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1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank)

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank)
  • Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Popular Strains: Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purple, Bruce Banner, White Widow, Super Skunk
  • Features:
    • Ships to all states in the US, free shipping 
    • VIP loyalty program with exclusive benefits 
    • Lots of guides for beginners and growers 
    • Supports bank, cash, credit card, and bitcoin payments  

I Love Growing Marijuana, or as it is popularly called, ‘ILGM’ is among one of the most popular seed banks all over the world. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the seed bank is one of the most reputable seed banks that ships to the US. Not only does it offer a large number of seeds, but it also offers a very large variety of seeds, crossed from different parent plants, giving you some unique combinations.

The UI of their website is very simple to navigate and ensures that you can easily search and buy for the seeds that you want. Besides that, one of the most lucrative things about ILGM is that it offers the buyers with a number of discounts and coupons from time to time, as well as free seeds on buying certain products. Moreover, if you are a part of their loyalty program, you get even better deals and discounts. ILGM also accepts a large number of payment options – including Credit Cards (they don’t want you to use them but if you absolutely must, they’re open to it). The website also supports bitcoin payments, which is great if you want to keep things anonymous. 

The seed bank has been around since 2012, and enters its 10th year in 2022. There are hundreds of seeds that you can buy from here. The people behind ILGM are some very passionate growers who have been growing for quite a long time now. ILGM offers high-quality feminized seeds which ensures that your plants grow healthy and give you high yields. This seed bank ships to all states in the US, and one of the biggest benefits of buying from ILGM is that shipping to every state of the US is free of cost! 

It takes about 2 days after confirmation to ship the order, and between another 2 to 10 days for it to reach you. However, most orders generally arrive within four days of confirmation. Growers who have been ordering from this website generally swear by it and would usually not order from anywhere else given how fast, safe and efficient ILGM is. In case you don’t get your seeds, or your seeds are crushed, or if they are intercepted by customs, ILGM instantly sends you a replacement. 

Lastly, another good thing about this seed bank is that there are hundreds of guides available here which you can read to understand how to grow your marijuana plants better and how to take care of your plants, how to provide them nutrients, etc. Talking of nutrients, ILGM also sends nutrient kits on their website which ensures you can buy the seeds and the nutrients your plants will need in the future on the same platform! 

All said and done, ILGM is indeed one of the best options for anyone looking forward to buying marijuana seeds online and we strongly recommend this cannabis seed bank. 

Pros and Cons of ILGM Seed Bank:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of I Love Growing Marijuana


  • Lots of payment options 
  • Ships to all US states and provides free replacement if seeds don’t reach you
  • A large variety of strains, one of the largest collections 
  • Also sells nutrients and nutrient grow kits 


  • Does not ship to Australia

2. CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank)

CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank)
  • Based In: Vancouver, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Trainwreck, Sour Girl, NYC Diesel, Northern Lights, Lambs Breath
  • Features:
    • Accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin payments
    • Ships all over the world
    • Features a lot of grower-guides
    • 80% germination rate guarantee 

Established in 2005, Crop King Seeds has been around for quite a while now, and has a ton of experience in selling seeds to their customers online. The seed bank is based out of Vancouver in Canada, but ships to users from all over the world. Popularly known by their CKS abbreviation, the website ships free seeds to those based in the US and Canada, if they order above $200. They’ve also mastered the art of discreet shipping, which ensures that your products reach you without the fear of getting caught. 

One of the best things about CKS is that it is more than just a seed bank! You also have a ton of informative content on their website, which includes buyer’s guides, growing guides for beginners, some state-specific guides for US-based buyers, etc. They also provide detailed information about each strain that they sell on their website, which is really great for someone buying online. The website guarantees that if you germinate the seeds using the method that they tell you to, you are going to have a germination success rate of at least 80%. 

CKS ships your seeds to you in a specially packed sealed packaging which ensures that they are fresh upon delivery and haven’t gone bad. There are a lot of payment options on their website, allowing you to buy via Cash, Mastercard and Visa Cards, as well as Bitcoin. When you are making a transaction with Crop King Seeds, you don’t really have to worry about your privacy because the website ensures that your credit card information is not stored on file.

Moreover, CKS also has a very interesting affiliate marketing program where they pay 20% commission on the orders that are placed via affiliates. Moreover, there are always offers and discounts running on their website, especially during festivals and holiday seasons. One of their year-round offers includes 10 free seeds if you place an order that is worth $420, which is a lucrative deal for many buyers! 

Pros and Cons of CKS Seeds Bank:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of CropKingSeeds


  • Good collection of medicinal marijuana seeds 
  • Guaranteed – 80% of their seeds will germinate 
  • Free shipping in US and Canada 
  • 10 Free seeds for order values greater than $420


  • The UI of their website is quite cluttered 

3. Seedsman Seed Bank

Seedsman Seed Bank
  • Based In: Barcelona and the UK
  • Popular Strains: BCN Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Mac Ganja, SFV OG Kush, Cannalope Haze, Kosher Kush
  • Features:
    • Worldwide shipping 
    • Over 4000 marijuana strains
    • Twenty years of experience in selling marijuana seeds 
    • A loyalty program that offers a ton of discounts  

Seedsman offers you regular seeds, special feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, as well as something called ‘Seedsman Collection’ which are seeds bundled together based on their genetics and quality. In addition to that, the website also sells some goods and merchandise that stoners would like to buy. This includes rolling trays, ash trays, tshirts, postcards, coasters, and a number of other cannabis merchandise. 

However, the primary attraction remains the kind of strains that they offer. Seedsman has over 4000 strains of weed that they sell on their website, making them one of the largest seed banks out there in terms of variety offered. One of the biggest benefits of ordering from seedsman is that a lot of seeds here come not from arbitrary sources, but from some of the best breeders in the world who are contacted and hired by the platform. There are over 2000 cultivators working with Seedsman over the years to ensure that you get a high-quality product. 

Seedsman has been around since 2002, making this their twentieth year of existence – and making them one of the earliest seed banks to pop up in the cannabis space. The seed bank supports bitcoin payments, Credit and Debit Card payments, checks and money orders, cash, as well as bank or wire transfers. The company ships their orders worldwide, but it is best advised that you check with your local laws and regulations before ordering from them to ensure that you don’t end up in any unwanted run-ins with the law. 

One of the biggest challenges that people face while ordering seeds from online seed banks is to navigate through their website. There are so many seed banks out there which have a very clunky UI when it comes to their website. Even if they have good quality seeds and are a good seed bank, their website discourages people from ordering from them. Seedsman Seed Bank resolves this problem with one of the best looking seed bank websites of all times! Their UI is intuitive and easily navigable, allowing you to order seeds with ease.

Seedsman also has a loyalty-based rewards program where you earn greenpoints on every purchase which can be redeemed at a later date. You also get points for joining their social networks, referring friends, and for other similar actions. You can get a lot of discounts using these points! All said and done, one of the best seed banks that ships to the US, and one that you should totally give a try the next time you order seeds.

Pros and Cons of Seedsman Seed Bank:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of Seedsman 


  • Excellent UI – the website is easily navigable 
  • Very large collection of seeds – gives you variety to choose from
  • Accepts almost all payment methods possible
  • Great loyalty rewards program which offers a lot of discounts 
  • Global shipping, you can order from anywhere in the world 


  • Does not provide free shipping

4. Marijuana Seeds NL

Marijuana Seeds NL
  • Based In: London
  • Popular Strains: Gorilla glue, Bruce Banner #3, The Gelato, Fruity Pebbles, Sunset Sherbert, THC Bomb, Wedding Cake
  • Features:
    • Supports shipping all over the world
    • Provides detailed guides for growers
    • Accepts cash, cards, bank and wire transfers, and cryptocurrency payments 
    • 20+ years of experience in the seeds business

Going by their name you’d believe that the seed bank ships to you from the Netherlands, right? However, let us first let you sink this information in that the seed bank is based out of London, despite what their name states. Now that we’re done with the absurdities, let us observe this seed bank up close and see what makes it so special. Marijuana Seeds NL (also known as MSNL) has been around since 1999, giving it the unique distinction of operating across four decades! It has served generations of stoners and continues to grow strong in 2022. 

One of the key reasons as to why many people order from MSNL is that it provides them with an insane level of stealth that you don’t generally see when it comes to other seed banks. The company also offers a very high delivery success rate. Moreover, even the billing is done in a discreet manner and the charges that show up in your statement would never reveal what you have been ordering. Furthermore, the company also promises same-day dispatch as well as a delivery guarantee, which makes it one of the most reputable seed banks delivering to the US!

While there isn’t an exact number that you can place when it comes to the number of strains that MSNL sells, the company does have a very large variety of options, possibly going into the thousands. MSNL also has a very large collection of seeds that can be used to grow marijuana plants that provide a strong medicinal benefit. They have a very strong research and development team that works hard to ensure only the best products are listed on their website. They even have a special section of award-winning strains in case you are looking only for the certified best of the lot!

Marijuana Seeds NL accepts credit card payments, cash, money orders, bank wires and cryptocurrency payments. At many times they also run this special offer where cryptocurrency payments are actually incentivized and those who order via Bitcoin get another 15% off. 

Lastly, you get a lot of free seeds when you order from MSNL. This is one of the best seed banks for those who like freebies. For any order, you’d get 2 extra free feminized seeds. For an order value > $75, you’ll get 4 extra seeds, and for an order value > $135, you’d get 7 extra feminized premium seeds. This is quite a lucrative deal – and the seeds that they provide for free are changed every month so with every order you get something new. Sometimes you also get a chance to get free feminized autoflowering seeds as well. Final verdict, if you are looking for the best seed banks that ship to the USA, you’ve got to give MSNL a fair shot!

Pros and Cons of Marijuana Seeds NL:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of Marijuana Seeds NL:


  • Heavy focus on research and development of seeds
  • Been in operation since the late 90s – four decades of experience 
  • Free seeds with every order
  • Supports a large number of payment options 
  • Provides guaranteed shipping in a stealth mode


  • Shipping isn’t free to most parts of the world

5. Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS Seed Bank)

Marijuana Seeds NL
  • Based In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Skunk No. 1, Orange Haze, Chemdawg, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, White Dream
  • Features:
    • Large collection of strains, lot of medicinal or disease-resistant strains
    • Delivers worldwide
    • Good collection of seeds that grow well in North America 
    • Fast delivery in the US and Canada region  

One of the biggest seed banks to operate out of Montreal, Quebec, QCS has been around for about ten years now – and over the past decade, they’ve grown to be one of the most popular and trusted names in the US and Canada regions. They are reliable and most users who have bought seeds from QCS have generally had a positive experience. 

One of their key offerings are the disease-resistant strains that they sell, which a large number of people often buy from them. Besides that, they also have a lot of pure indica or pure sativa strains, but also some popular hybrids. The company also keeps with them a lot of natively grown seeds which are proven to grow well in the US-Canada region. The company checks every seed for uniform size, shape and color before packaging it and sending it over, which ensures that every order gets the best quality seeds.

The seed bank guarantees 80% germination success rate, which is what most good seed banks all over the world promise. In case less than 80% of your seeds germinate, you will get either a refund or a replacement to ensure that the promise is met. QBS has had a long history of honoring their promise. This guarantee is particularly of use to people who grow in bulk or prefer growing large numbers of cannabis plants in a greenhouse. 

Quebec Cannabis Seeds accepts bitcoin payments, as well as wire and bank transfers. All transactions are in USD or CAD which makes it great for people buying from US as they won’t have to pay any conversion charges. One heads up that we’d like to give you is that there are often high charges associated with credit card payments so you might want to avoid those. Also, they don’t accept MasterCard and visa-based payments so that’s one major drawback. 

Those ordering their seeds from Canada are going to get it within a week, and most people from Quebec get it within the next couple of days. Those ordering it from the US would get it in about 10 to 12 days since they place the order, however most orders reach in a week. So far an overwhelming majority of their buyers have got their seeds delivered, and are happy with the quality of seeds that they get. The company also makes sure that the packaging is stealthy and secure so no one knows what you are ordering. 

Summing up, QCS is among the finest and most reliable seed banks which deliver in the US. If you are a stoner looking forward to getting seeds delivered to you quickly, reliably and stealthily! They’ve got a ton of payment options too – and offer quick replacements in case your seeds don’t germinate. 

Pros and Cons of QCS:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of Quebec Cannabis Seeds: 


  • Great for ordering disease-resistant strains 
  • Provides an 80% germination guarantee 
  • Lots of special offers and discounts year-round
  • Quick delivery – one of the fastest seed banks that ship to US
  • Very discreet delivery 


  • No option for free shipping
  • Does not support Mastercard/visa transactions

6. Herbies Seeds 

  • Based In: Spain (Formerly in the UK)
  • Popular Strains: Super Lemon Diesel, Green Crack, Super Sour Berry, Jack Herer, White Widow Max
  • Features:
    • Accepts credit/debit cards, bank transfers, bitcoins, and cash on delivery 
    • Lists seeds from multiple other smaller seed banks
    • Customer support available over call, mail or whatsapp 
    • Ships seeds globally  

Having started off in the UK in the early 2000s, Herbies Seeds presently operates out of Spain, where they moved just before the covid-19 pandemic. With over two decades of experience in the seeds business, Herbies is a trusted name which delivers seeds all over the world. The company ensures that the seeds you’ve ordered reach you on time, as well as in a manner that is discreet and does not raise any suspicions. The seeds reach the buyers in unmarked envelopes and there’s also a stealth shipping option which ensures that your seeds are hidden within another product.

One thing that we really appreciate about Herbies Seeds is that they have a very nice UI when it comes to their website and there’s no unnecessary clutter, making it quite easy and simple to navigate. Herbies accepts a number of payment methods, including Credit and Debit Cards, which a lot of other seed banks don’t accept. Besides that, they accept bank transfers and cryptocurrency payments in the form of Bitcoins. There’s also a Cash on Delivery system but you need to confirm while checking out your cart if it is valid where you live. The company ships your seeds via UPS and Correos, both of which are rather trusted shipping services. 

The company has a lot of seeds too, but buyers often tend to find them out of stock when they reach the product page. Inventory management is not their strongest suit, but when it comes to the bestsellers and popular strains, you’ll always find them available. You can select the seeds you need based on their THC or CBD content, or based on their medicinal use. You can also sort them by indoor/outdoor seeds, or by their Indica/Sativa heritage. There’s a seperate section for cup-winning seeds, and they also collaborate with many smaller seed banks to make their seeds available to you via the Herbies Seeds platform.

One of the best things about Herbies Seeds which people really love is that they are a company which really cares about the growers. Their customer support team gets back to you quickly and works tirelessly to help you. This is one of their biggest USPs. Herbies doesn’t really give you a germination guarantee, but if you find your seeds to be defective, you can fill out the quality control farm within 60 days of receiving the seeds and they will look into your case and send you some replacements as they deem fit. The seed bank is accessible via email, calls and even whatsapp. All in all, Herbies is one of the best seed banks out there which delivers to the USA, and one that you must really check out!

Pros and Cons of Herbies Seeds:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of ordering your seeds from Herbies:


  • Ships seeds using reliable courier services 
  • Accepts a large number of payment options 
  • Lots of categories of seeds are available 
  • One of the fastest order-to-delivery times for US customers
  • Responsive and helpful customer support


  • Seeds are often out of stock

7. Ministry of Cannabis

  • Based In: Barcelona, Spain
  • Popular Strains: Blue Amnesia, Big Bud XXL, Mandarin Haze, White Amnesia, Mamacita’s Cookies
  • Features:
    • Supports Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, Moneygram, Cash in Mail and Bank Transfers 
    • Ships seeds all over the globe
    • Customer support over WhatsApp and Telegram 
    • Also sells T-shirts and Grinders  

If you are looking for a seed bank that breeds and grows its own seeds instead of reselling seeds from others to you, you’ve reached a great place! Ministry of Cannabis hires some of the best breeders in Europe and ensures they all work together to provide you an experience unlike any other. All their strains are grown by them, giving them a great quality control over the end product. They are one of the most well-reputed seed banks globally, and you’ll often see them present at cannabis events, talking passionately about the business. 

Given they grow their strains themselves and sell only these products, the range of products that you find on their website is smaller than most other seed banks. They have very limited options and you can find them categorized under ‘Feminized’, ‘Autoflowering’ and ‘Mixed’ cannabis seeds. However, their focus was never on increasing the quantity of products they sell, but rather on the quality. While the seed bank offers only between 20 to 30 types of seeds at the moment, word is that they do have plans to expand in the near future.

While their seeds are the primary offering on the Ministry of Cannabis website, the company also sells their merch such as t-shirts and grinders that stoners can buy online from their website. The company also has guides which talk about how to grow cannabis and how to select seeds – which are great for first-time growers. 

This is also one of the best seed banks that ships to the US. In fact, they provide global shipping, but it is best advised to check your local laws and regulations before you order marijuana seeds. The products ship in 24 to 48 hours, and come with discreet packaging and billing. This seed bank accepts Bitcoin payments, offers support for Mastercard and Visa transactions. They also support bank transfers. Moneygram is also supported for orders worth 100 Euros or more. You can also mail them cash by registered mail. 

The company also offers guaranteed germination and in case your seeds don’t germinate, you can connect with them for refunds or replacements. With over 15 years of experience in the business, Ministry of Cannabis is indeed one of the most popular players out there. The seed bank is quite approachable too. They’re very active on all social media, especially on Facebook, and provide chat-based customer support over WhatsApp and Telegram platforms. 

Pros and Cons of Ministry of Cannabis:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of MoC:


  • Known for high-quality seeds they breed themselves 
  • Very active presence in the community, one of the most reputed seed banks
  • Lots of payment options  
  • Quick and discreet shipping 
  • Sells seeds as well as merch 


  • A limited number of strains

8. Nirvana Shop Seed Bank

  • Based In: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Popular Strains: Bubble Kush, Blue Dream, Gelato, Zkittlez, Grease Monkey, Chemdog
  • Features:
    • Provides global shipping 
    • Sells only self-bred seeds
    • Accepts bitcoin, cash, bank transfers and credit cards
    • Their store is very popular and very well-reputed  

Nirvana Shop is the granddaddy of all these seed banks. Having been around since 1980, the company is one of the most well-known seed banks in Haarlem near Amsterdam. It is so well-known that it has almost become a local landmark. They are one of the best seed banks that delivers to the USA, and one which has a lot of reputation because of the physical shop being so popular.

Nirvana Shop is known for the seeds it sells – but all the seeds they sell are self-bred. They have nearly 100 strains that they offer to the customers and all of them are bred with great care and with multiple quality-checks, ensuring that the buyers are getting the best sort of products which are as organic and pure as they can be. Nirvana Shop accepts Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers and Cash payments. The company prefers if you pay them in Bitcoin, and all first-time Bitcoin-based payments will be rewarded in double seeds. Those who use Cash or Bank Transfers also get a 5% discount. No such incentives for credit cards, though! 

One of the best parts about Nirvana Shop is that they have a great mobile-friendly website and you can order from it using different currencies and view it in multiple different languages. Nirvana ships globally, and also ensures that they use stealth shipping in their orders so they don’t get caught by the customs. They deliver seeds in orders with greeting cards or letters in them. They also have some custom-made shipping routes which ensure minimal suspicion. Orders are generally sent via FedEx and are trackable. Global shipping takes about a week to deliver, and nearby areas take about a day or two. 

One problem that we have observed a lot of growers face with seeds ordered from Nirvana Shop is that while their products are very high quality, they don’t really have a high germination rate. Thankfully, the customer service team is well aware of this problem and works tirelessly to ensure that you get refunds or replacements in case this happens to you. Nonetheless it is quite a bummer. While there are some issues with Nirvana, they have an experience spanning across multiple decades and are hence considered one of the best seed banks in 2022!

Pros and Cons of Nirvana Shop Seed Bank:

Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of Nirvana Shop:


  • High quality and high yielding self-bred strains 
  • Lots of payment options 
  • Year-round discounts and promos
  • Fast, reliable and trackable shipping 
  • Customer support is quick


  • Their seeds have a low success rate of germination

How to Choose the Best Seed Bank

Now that we’ve provided you with the ten best seed banks that ship to the US, some buyers might not be sure how to choose the seed bank that suits their needs the best. Here’s a quick checklist that you can run through which will help you decide whether the bank you have chosen is right for you:

  • Does the seed bank ship to where you live?

The first and the most important thing that you need to know about any seed bank before ordering from there is – does it even ship to where you are living? If it doesn’t you can straight away look for another seed bank as there is no point in continuing to explore with that one. 

  • Is the shipping discreet?

The next thing you need to consider is – is your shipping going to be discreet? Most seed banks either conceal their products in the packaging of other products such as a pen or a t-shirt, or tend to send their seeds in an unmarked packaging so it does not raise any suspicions. Do make sure your shipping is discreet before you proceed with ordering.

  • What are the shipping charges?

The next most important thing that needs to be checked out are the shipping charges. Is shipping to the US free? Is it free only for some states? There are some seed banks that actually have a minimum amount beyond which shipping is free, such as CropKingSeeds shipping free seeds for orders over $200. Other seed banks such as ILGM deliver all orders to the US for free. It also depends on whether you want to use express shipping or regular shipping. Also check how long the seed bank takes to deliver your order. 

  • What payment methods are accepted by the seed bank?

This is another important factor that needs to be considered before you settle on a seed bank. Make sure that they accept a variety of different payment options, or at least the one that you are most comfortable with. Generally, Credit Card payments are the safest because you can issue a chargeback in case of a fraud. In case you want anonymity, check if the seed bank supports cryptocurrency payments. 

  • How good is their collection of strains?

Generally, we judge how good a seed bank is based on the collection of the strains that they have up for sale. A good seed bank would normally have a large range of seeds, including some that are unique only to them. Make sure to check out these unique seeds which are often grown by breeders hired by the seed banks on a full-time basis. Make sure to go through the entire catalogue of seeds and compare it with other seed banks before choosing on which seed bank to buy from.

  • How is their customer support?

Do take a look at the reviews to know which are the seed banks that provide the best customer support while which are those that are likely to ghost you once you’ve made the purchase. This is critical in case you seeds are damaged or your seeds don’t reach you, or don’t germinate. Seed banks such as ILGM and CKS will always get back to you and help you with your problems.

  • Do they sell only seeds?

We suggest you go through the entire website to see what all your seed bank is selling. Some seed banks also sell some cool weed-related merch such as rolling trays, rolling papers of different flavors, t-shirts, etc. There are some which also sell nutrients that you can order from their website. Getting nutrients along with seeds is great because if you’re getting both from the same source there’s a higher chance that they’ll be compatible. 


1. How many seeds can I order from a seed bank?

You can order as many seeds as you want when buying them online from a seed bank. However, most seed banks would customize these seeds in various packs. These could be packs of 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 in most cases. There are some seed banks that allow a higher or a lesser number of seeds as well. However, we’d suggest getting a handful of extra marijuana seeds – a few more than what is typically needed. 

This is because there’s a good chance that not 100% of your seeds will germinate. Most seed banks offer an 80 to 90% guarantee, but never 100%. Hence, best to get a few extra ones with you, just in case you might need them later.

2. Do all seed banks ship internationally?

The answer to whether ‘all’ seed banks ship internationally is no. Not all seed banks ship internationally. However, most of the biggest names such as Seedsman, I Love Growing Marijuana, and Crop King Seeds do deliver to other countries. Not all of them deliver globally – but when you look at the nations that these three covers combined, it pretty much covers the entire globe. There are some niche and specialized seed banks that deliver only in specific countries or cities, but then there are some bigger names such as those mentioned above that deliver seeds worldwide. 

3. Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds from seed banks?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy marijuana seeds from seed banks. In fact, it is the best and safest option out there. When you are buying seeds off the street, you do not know what kind of seeds you are getting, and those who sell them might just disappear the next day. Even if you get seeds from trusted sources such as a friend or a dispensary, you might not get an assurance that the seeds you are buying are going to be feminized. 

Seed banks, on the other hand, provide not only a much higher quality of seeds but also ensure that you can get feminized seeds that will not result in male plants. Furthermore, seed banks offer a much larger variety of seeds, as well as (in some cases) a minimum germination guarantee. 

4. Do all seeds that come from seed banks germinate?

No, even seed banks cannot promise a 100% guarantee on germination success. Most seed banks which promise a guaranteed success will only provide between 80 to 90% success rate. This means that out of every 10 seeds that you buy from a seed bank about 8 to 9 of them are going to germinate, but there are chances that one or two might just die in the younger stages. In some cases, if more than a minimum guaranteed amount of seeds fail to germinate, the seed banks will procide you refunds or replacements for the same. 

5. What kind of marijuana seeds do seed banks sell?

Different seed banks provide different varieties of marijuana seeds. While the collection varies from seed bank to seed bank, one thing that remains in common across all of these is the fact that they all provide some common seeds – these include feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, regular seeds, and CBD-rich seeds. These are the most common groupings that you will find across different seed banks, as these are the general categories of seeds that people are looking for. Some seed banks might not have all of these, for instance, ILGM does not provide regular seeds, as it only keeps a stock of feminized seeds. You might want to check your seed bank before you decide which seeds you want to buy.

6. What are the different ways in which I can pay a seed bank?

Different seed banks all over the world accept payments in different forms. While there are some which will accept only traditional means of payments such as bank transfers and debit cards, there are others which support credit cards as well. Some seed banks, especially which have a strong presence over a local network (a city or a country) also support cash in mail or cash on delivery payments. There are many seed banks that also support payments over PayPal nowadays. Another major trend in seed banks is that of cryptocurrency payments – today, a lot of seed banks not only accept bitcoin payments but also incentivize it. 

7. Which are some of the best and the most trusted seed banks?

There are hundreds of seed banks all over the world – but are all of them to be trusted? There are many shady operations out there which are designed to scam users off their hard earned money. However, the list that we have shared in this article can be considered pretty genuine and safe to deal with. In any case, if you are looking forward to the ‘top 3’ in the industry, we strongly suggest dealing with I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) seed bank, Crop King Seeds (CKS) seed bank, and the Seedsman Seed Bank. These are three of the best and the biggest names out there, which can be trusted. 

8. Can I buy marijuana seeds from Amazon?

No. You cannot buy marijuana seeds from Amazon. You will need to head to your nearest seed bank, or check one out online. Given that marijuana-related products cannot be sold via ecommerce, you won’t find them on the website. It is only seed banks, or some local licensed stores where you can find marijuana seeds available for sale. However, wherever you buy them from, just don’t buy it from unverified sources or with shady dealers off the streets who often sell spiked or bad quality seeds for cheaper prices. 

9. Can I order seeds from seed banks if marijuana is not legal in my country?

Well legally speaking, you should not order marijuana seeds if you are living in a country where possessing marijuana, marijuana seeds, or other marijuana related products is not allowed. However, when it comes to seed banks delivering to countries where weed is not allowed – that falls in a grey area, and these seed banks actually ship your seeds concealed in other products such as a t-shirt, a CD case, a pen, etc. so that when it is delivered to you, it looks like you have ordered any other regular product. We strongly recommend you do not do anything that is against the law though, as you can fall into some serious trouble otherwise. 

10. Do seed banks take any shipping or delivery charges?

It depends upon where you are living. If you are living in an area that is close to where the seed bank operates out of, or if you are living in the local vicinity of the seed bank, then you probably don’t have to pay a higher amount. However, if you happen to be living further away, or if you are based out of an international market, you will have to pay a higher delivery charge. This charge also varies depending on how you are ordering it – is it via regular mail or via express delivery, etc. All of these factors come into play when it comes to additional charges.

11. Why should I buy marijuana seeds from seed banks? 

The biggest and the most concerning of reasons as to why you need to buy marijuana seeds only from seed banks is the fact that these seed banks give you high-quality seeds. Compared to other sources that might often be pretty shady and unreliable, these seed banks ensure that only the highest quality seeds are sold. They also ensure that these seeds are feminized and that a very large variety of seeds is available for the buyers to pick and choose from. All in all, seed banks are a much better, safer, and discreet alternative to buying seeds from other sources.


We hope that by the time you reach the conclusion of this article, you know which are the top 10 best reputable seed banks that deliver to the US, and what kind of strains can you get there, as well as what some of their key features are. We have also attempted at providing you with an accurate picture by ensuring we let you know the pros and cons of each of these seed banks. If there are any other banks that you order from, but we haven’t listed here, let us know over the comments or drop us a mail and we’ll ensure we review them too! Till then.. 

..Happy Growing! 🙂

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