Best Regular Marijuana Seeds in 2023: Reviewing the Best Non-Feminized Strains Out There

Best Regular Marijuana Seeds

While feminized marijuana strains are generally preferred by growers who want to grow some basic plants at home, it is when you move to the next level of growth that you truly begin to appreciate regular marijuana seeds. Regular seeds are for those who want to have their own adventures and aren’t afraid of trying … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for Migraine Relief – Reviewing the Best Cannabis Strains to Help Reduce Headaches

Best Marijuana Strains for Migraine Relief

Only those who have actually suffered from migraine at some point in time can truly describe how painful, how annoying, and how disturbing it can be. Even the slightest unwanted light or sounds can cause pain that can last for hours. Migraine, which affects close to a billion people in the world, is a very … Read more

10 Best Marijuana Strains for Music: Reviewing Weed That Helps You Enhance Your Music Listening Experience

Best Marijuana Strains for Music

In a world divided by different identities, classes, communities, and nationalities, there are two things that seem to unite people – music and weed. Everyone seems to have their own taste and preferences when it comes to the kind of music that they listen to and the kind of weed that they smoke. However, no … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Birthdays: Reviewing The Best Party Strains and Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Best Cannabis Strains for Birthdays

Everyone loves a good birthday party. While there are many ways to celebrate, smoking up is one of the best ways to enjoy your special day with your friends. There are some special kinds of marijuana strains out there that are identified as ‘party strains’ which can help you socialize better, give you a happy … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for High-Heat Regions – Growing Strains that Can Withstand Heat

Best Marijuana Strains for High-Heat Regions

When you grow marijuana plants, there are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind – while most people generally keep the lighting, humidity, airflow, and nutrients in check, temperatures are often something that is overlooked. However, growers, and especially those who live in places that are very hot, need to keep … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners: Top 15 Strains for Those Starting their Cannabis Growing Journey

Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Is marijuana really hard to grow? The answer honestly depends upon the strain you are choosing. There are some marijuana strains that you can grow without practically having ever grown a plant in the past. And then there are some strains that you will struggle with even if you are someone who has been growing … Read more

15 Best Autoflowering Seeds in 2023: Fastest Growing Marijuana Seeds Reviewed

Best Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana seeds can be classified in many different ways. One of them is based on whether they are autoflowering seeds or whether they give rise to plants that flower based on the photoperiod. Different growers have different types of needs, and autoflowering plants are always in high demand, especially when it comes to growing cannabis … Read more

Best Feminized Seeds for Marijuana Growers in 2023 – Top 15 Seeds Tried and Tested

Best Feminized Seeds

Those who understand plant biology, or are keen on growing marijuana plants – or have grown them before, understand the importance of feminized seeds. It is essential for growers to ensure that the seeds that they are growing are feminized because male seeds do not produce flowers. In this article, we have prepared a list … Read more