Best Fast Flowering Marijuana Strains in 2022 – Reviewing Marijuana Strains That Flower in 8 Weeks or Less

Best Fast Flowering Marijuana Strains

When it comes to growing the cannabis plant, or practically any other plant, flowering is one phase that people anxiously wait for. Some plants take longer to flower compared to others. However, when flowering does happen, it is quite a relief, and growers can see months of their hard work finally paying off. Flowering is … Read more

Best Kush Strains in 2022 Reviewed – Get a Strong Buzz

Best Kush Strains

When it comes to getting Indica dominant strains, there is one special type of Indica strain that people all over the world have acknowledged and have loved. These are the ‘Kush’ strains. These strains offer a very potent and provide you the ultimate Cannabis Indica experience. These Kush strains are often either overwhelmingly Indica-dominant or … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga in 2022: Relax, Refresh and Recharge Yourself with Marijuana

Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga

When it comes to smoking weed, people usually believe that it is done largely for two purposes. It is either consumed for recreational purposes, which, simply put, means getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned’, or it is consumed for medical purposes. There are a number of medicinal properties associated with the cannabis plant which we are only … Read more