Buy Cannabis Seeds in Michigan – Top 5 Seed Banks That Ship To Michigan in 2023

When you think of Michigan, you think about its long coastline and its fishing. But, did you know that the state is equally popular for its cannabis? However, not many people are aware of the legalities associated.

And, that’s fine because we are here to clarify that and everything about buying and growing cannabis seeds in Michigan. You’d be surprised to know that Michigan is one of the first states to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, so you are definitely in luck if you stay there.

But, does that mean you can indulge in any kind of cannabis usage, selling, or growing without any legal repercussions? Well, not really. And, that’s exactly what we will explore in this article. Not only will you have a better idea about the best seed banks in Michigan by the end of the article, but you will also have a clearer understanding of the basics of cannabis use in Michigan.

So, let’s get this article rolling, shall we?

What are the Legalities Associated with Cannabis in Michigan?

As we just said, Michigan is one of the very first states in the United States that legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

So, if you are visiting or plan to live in Michigan, you can be assured that it’s one of the few cannabis-friendly states in the country. For both growing and cannabis possession, the limit is comparably higher than most of the other states in the country.

If you want a quick rundown of the laws and legalities, let us walk you through them one by one:

  • Cannabis for recreational use is legal
  • Cannabis consumption for medical purposes is legal
  • Buying and possessing cannabis seeds from varying Michigan seed banks is legal
  • Growing cannabis plants using the seeds at home is legal in Michigan

However, there are certain laws and legalities you have to keep in mind when it comes to using or possessing cannabis in Michigan. The next section discusses that in detail.

What are the Top Cannabis Laws in Michigan?

With knowledge about the basic cannabis laws in Michigan, let us walk you through all the top cannabis laws in detail.

  1. Recreational licensing

If you want to become a licensed cannabis grower or seller in Michigan, you need to acquire recreational licensing for that. The application for the same is submitted to Marijuana Regulatory Agency and costs $6000.

Following that, depending on the license type, an individual has to pay somewhere between $4000 to $40,000 to update and keep their license active. There are multiple different types of marijuana licenses available that you should cross-check before you fill out and send out the application.

  1. Purchase limits

For medical marijuana users, the per-day purchase limit in Michigan is 2.5 ounces. However, the monthly limit is 10 ounces. Anything above that might land up under the scrutiny of law. Recreational users can legally cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants per household. If an individual doesn’t cultivate cannabis, the maximum limit, in that case, is 2.5 ounces per day and 10 ounces per month.

Also, individuals need to be older than 21 to be able to grow or cultivate marijuana at home. A caregiver for a patient can possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana. Also, any plant that’s cultivated at home should be grown indoors and in enclosed and secure places.

  1. Packaging and labels

If a brand is selling edible cannabis candy, it can’t be packaged in a way that attracts the attention of the kids. This means that the caricature of cartoons, toys, designs, shapes, etc. on the packaging isn’t allowed.

The package should be opaque and resealable and it should be packaged in a way so kids can’t open and get through to what’s inside. The labels should come with the standard warning message highlighting its impacts on pregnant individuals and such.

  1. Taxes

Marijuana retailers and sellers have to pay a 10% excise tax without fail. Also, any kind of adult-use purchase will include dual taxes – 10% excise tax and 6% sales tax. For medical marijuana, individuals don’t have to worry about the excise tax during the purchase. They only have to pay the 6% sales tax in Michigan.

  1. Qualifying requirements for medical marijuana

If you want to have a prescription for medical marijuana, certain qualifying factors factor into the process. Ideally, an individual has to have certain chronic ailments to qualify for the permit. Your doctor will be able to guide you better on that.

If you want a list of all the ailments that can get you a permit, we’d recommend checking the official website of the marijuana regulatory body in Michigan. You can check the state page for all the details about the application process.

What are the Penalties Associated with Cannabis in Michigan?

Simply knowing about the laws and legalities isn’t enough. We’d recommend you familiarize yourself with the different penalties too.

There are no “standard” penalties but they vary depending on the issue at hand.


  • Possession of more than 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 5.0 ounces is considered a civil infraction and you might have a $500 fine.
  • Possession of over 5.0 ounces of marijuana is a misdemeanor in Michigan.
  • Possession of marijuana close to 1000 feet of a park is a felony and can land you in prison along with a fine amount of $2000.

Sales and Distribution

  • Distribution of fewer than 5 ounces of cannabis without any money is considered a civil infraction that can get you a $500 fine.
  • The sale of fewer than 5 kgs of marijuana is a felony and can lead to 4 years in jail and a $20,000 fine.
  • The sale of 5-45 kgs of marijuana is a felony and can lead to 7 years in jail and a $500,000 fine.
  • The sale of over 45 kgs of marijuana is a felony and can lead to 15 years in jail and a $10,000,000 fine.


  • Growing marijuana in public places or where it’s visible from a public place is a violation and can lead to a $100 fine.
  • The cultivation of 24 plants is a civil infraction with a $500 fine.
  • Cultivation of 25-200 plants for personal use is a misdemeanor and can fetch you jail time.
  • The cultivation of over 200 plants for personal use is a misdemeanor as well as a punishable offense.

Growing Cannabis in Michigan

Knowing about the laws and legalities is well and good but what about the actual tough part – growing the cannabis?

You might know about several Michigan seed banks in Michigan but how do you go about the growing process and what factors should you keep in mind?

Michigan, as we have said time and time, is a legal cannabis state. This means that cultivating marijuana in the state, in your home isn’t a punishable offense, provided you are doing things within the legal bounds.

There are certain considerations we’d recommend you keep in mind and that includes the right time to sprout the seeds and the allied factors.

  1. Sprouting cannabis seeds 

Michigan has a humid and warm temperature most of the year, meaning that you have to be mindful of the strains you choose to grow in the state.

Since it has a humid continental climate, it isn’t surprising that you have to be mindful of the changing weather conditions in the state. It experiences humid summer months and frigid winters, which means that you have to be mindful of the drastically different weather conditions before you consider growing your stash of cannabis plants in your backyard.

If you are wondering about the best time to grow marijuana plants, we’d recommend the ideal time to choose between the mid or end of May. Also, this is the diving season, so we’d highly recommend you pay attention to the surrounding weather conditions before you start the process.

Also, if you are growing cannabis plants indoors, you will have access to a better-controlled environment to grow the plant optimally. The reason we’d highly recommend growing cannabis indoors is that it enables you to do so throughout the year without any compromise at all.

  1. Growing at home

Growing cannabis is not an easy affair, especially when you are growing it at your home. It’s not as simple as buying marijuana seeds in Michigan and then planting them in the growing medium and forgetting about it.

Instead, that’s where the growing journey starts. You need to factor in a lot of different things, including the kind of growing medium you choose, the kind of strain you want to grow, etc.

If you are growing the marijuana plant indoors, we’d recommend that you focus on choosing an aeroponics or hydroponics setup. Those work effortlessly and produce high yields, which is every grower’s dream.

You do have to put a lot of care and attention into the plant after you plant the seed. Depending on the type of strain you are growing, you’d have to pay attention to the light parameters, ventilation, growing parameters, etc.

Also, since Michigan is so vocal about its cannabis growing and such, we’d recommend that you focus on asking around. Sometimes, the easiest way to get tips about growing cannabis is by asking the store and dispensary owners that are located near you.

Furthermore, growing cannabis is quite a tedious and long-term experience, meaning that you have to wait for some time before you see the fruits of your efforts. Generally, most cannabis strains take around 8-10 weeks to flower, following which it takes another 2 months to be harvested.

So, in total, you might have to wait for around 3-4 months before you can harvest and process your cannabis plants for the product. Also, most cannabis plants have very strict temperature and light exposure requirements. So, it is a factor in your growing process as well, especially if you want the best results from the growth.

Also, when choosing a strain to grow, we’d recommend you focus on the feminized seeds. These are the ones that produce the marijuana, so that’s another thing you have to pay close attention to, especially if you want to have a successful harvest and high yield from the process.

  1. Growing up in rented places

If you rent a place in Michigan, can your landlord stop you from growing marijuana inside the house or even outdoors?

The short answer is Yes. A landlord can prevent you from growing marijuana if they mention the same in the contract. However, that doesn’t mean that they can stop you from growing marijuana.

But you need to understand that possession of a legal amount of marijuana at home, even if it is in a rented place, isn’t an offense. And, your landlord won’t be able to object to that or mention that clause in the agreement. So, you are safe on that ground.

  1. Where can one smoke marijuana?

Public consumption of marijuana is illegal in Michigan. This means that you can’t smoke cannabis in any kind of public place, including markets, restaurants, etc.

Also, one can’t drive or indulge in any kind of off-recreational vehicle driving when one is under the influence of marijuana. If found otherwise, the same is considered an offense and is punishable by law.

There are no blanket requirements when it comes to smoking marijuana, so that’s something you have to be mindful of. However, we’d recommend you keep a check on the laws and penalties involved because that matters too.

  1. What about theft risks?

Michigan doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to crime and theft risks. Since growing weed or cannabis is legal in Michigan, it isn’t surprising that there is a heightened risk of theft associated with the same.

To ensure optimal safety, we’d recommend that you install a security camera around the house. If required, you should also install an alarm system and motion-activated sprinkles in the garden or yard to keep trespassers away from your property.

These might seem like extreme measures from the outside but these are necessities you should have in place if you don’t want to jeopardize the safety of yourself and the people that stay with you. Factors like these are often not paid attention to but we’d recommend you prioritize this without any further questions.

How to Prevent Pests and Diseases while Growing Cannabis in Michigan?

Michigan has humid weather during the summer months, which often plays a crucial role in the growing process of the plant.

Pests and diseases have the potential to destroy the kind of effort you have put into growing the plant from the seed.

So, one thing we’d highly recommend you pay attention to is finding the right strains to grow. Some of the most common issues that you are bound to experience as marijuana growers are scenes of bud rot and spider mites.

These two issues are very prevalent in Michigan, so find cannabis strains that can sustain that issue for good. There are multiple diseases and pest-resistant strains available too that you can consider exploring.

Consider planting mold-resistant strains too, if you are worried about not getting your effort’s worth, we’d recommend that you pay close attention to these factors we have mentioned. Explore the new Michigan based seed bank to get your hands on these resistant strains that you can grow effortlessly in the comfort of your home.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds in Michigan?

While we have shared some great and effective tips for growing cannabis in Michigan, what about the quality of the seeds? The seeds are the make or break of the situation. If your cannabis seeds aren’t of good quality, you can be assured that things won’t work out in your favor or the way you have likely envisioned.

Following are some of the most important factors you need to be mindful of:

  1. Buy from reputable seed banks

If you are wondering about where to buy marijuana seeds in Michigan, that’s where your research and planning start. There are multiple online and offline cannabis seed dispensaries available in and around Michigan.

So, your work is to find those amazing seed banks and then proceed with the purchase. You want to explore the choices of a reputable and licensed seed bank that sells high-quality cannabis seeds that are well worth the buck.

Also, since there are multiple seed banks available (both locally and online), we’d recommend that you explore all your options first. Once you do, go ahead and compare the prices first before you proceed with the purchase.

  1. Buy the right strains

Another factor that you have to be mindful of is buying the right strains. You need to buy the correct strains according to your local climate.

Also, since the weather is hot and humid most of the year, we’d recommend that you find strains that can withstand that kind of harsh weather condition. If possible, look for cannabis strains that have auto-flowering properties.

Avoid spending your time and money on strains that take upwards of 12-14 weeks for just flower. If you are waiting for that much for the flowering be assured that you will spend even more time until the final harvest happens. It is not worth the time.

Also, if you are sowing the seeds in mid-May, you might have to wait until early winter for the final harvest, so that’s another thing you have to keep in mind.

  1. Plan the things

Growing cannabis indoors or outdoors isn’t a one-day affair. If you are planning to grow it outdoors, you have to take care of building shade and a cover so people outside won’t know about it. If you are growing the strains indoors, you have to be mindful of setting up a grow room, etc.

So, these kinds of things take time and a lot of planning. This means that you can’t decide that you want to grow cannabis plants one day and then start with the process the very next day. That’s not going to be a successful growing experience.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Michigan?

Buying cannabis comes with two options. You can either visit your local cannabis dispensary or buy the seeds from there or you can go ahead and buy the seeds from an online website.

Whatever choice you make, you have to prioritize the quality and type of strain you buy. What we’d recommend you do is focus on buying strains that are worth the money and also will yield high returns once you harvest the plant.

But whether you choose a local store or an online store for the seeds is entirely your choice.

If you ask us for our advice, we’d recommend opting for a local store if you are a beginner. This allows you to garner more knowledge about the individual strains and the growing parameters before you deep dive into the cultivation.

If you are a pro and have a lot of experience with growing cannabis, online seed banks are a pretty great choice. They offer a lot more options and you get to compare the price and reputation of the brands in real time before you invest, which is always a benefit.

Local Dispensaries in Michigan

If you are considering buying your cannabis seeds in Michigan from local dispensaries, there are quite a few options you can explore.

However, you have to make peace with the fact that the seeds might be overpriced and very limited in variety and quantity. There are chances you might not find access to the strain you are considering growing.

The top local dispensaries for cannabis seeds in Michigan are:

  • Sunwest Genetics
  • Arbor Side
  • The Flower Pot
  • Healing Gardens of Michigan
  • Homegrown Cannabis Company
  • Bloom City Club Medical
  • Michigan’s Finest Cannabis Co. and so many others.

Always compare the prices and read the reviews about the local dispensaries online before you step in and make your final purchase.

Online Stores for Cannabis Seeds in Michigan

If local dispensaries aren’t cutting it for you and you instead want to splurge out on the online seed banks, there are several that supply to Michigan. You have the universally available brands and then a few homegrown brands that we think are worth considering.

Some of the best online seed banks in Michigan are:

Most online seed banks offer introductory offers and competitive prices. Don’t buy blindly. Instead, do your research and compare the prices before settling on one.

What are the Best Strains to Grow in Cannabis?

With a better understanding of the best spot to source cannabis seeds in Michigan, the next factor that you have to keep in mind is familiarizing yourself with the best strains that are worth growing in the state.

To be fair, when choosing a strain, you have to consider the ones that are:

  • Pest resistant
  • Mold resistant
  • Disease resistant
  • Can withstand humid and hot weather

With such stringent categorization, you might find yourself wondering whether there are good and worthy strains. The short answer is yes. There are quite a few different ones you can consider looking into.

Some of the best ones are:

  1. Bruce Banner Feminized Seed Strain

If you are considering growing a strong cannabis strain, the Bruce Banner Feminized Seed Strain is a great option to explore. It is a hit-quit strain with high THC levels, which is great for therapeutic purposes but equally good for recreational use.

The Bruce Banner variant has 30% THC, which means that it will hit you with the first drag, hence being careful about smoking it is highly advised. You don’t want to be quick with such a blunt, especially if you don’t want to be high right off the bat.

When it comes to growing this strain, the Bruce Banner Feminized Seed Strain is a fairly easy strain to grow. You can grow it indoors and outdoors without any hassle at all. Also, it produces a high yield after the harvest, which means that all your efforts won’t go to waste by the end of it.

Also, since it is a quick flowering strain and can sustain moderately high and humid temperatures, it isn’t surprising that the strain works effortlessly in Michigan.

  1. Super Silver Haze Feminized Seed Strain

Another unique strain that’s very easy to grow in Michigan is Super Silver Haze Feminized Seed Strain. It does come with a few complications and the most common one is the longer flowering time. This is one of the reasons why it isn’t a beginner-friendly strain to grow.

That said, the strain is Sativa dominant and takes around 9 weeks to flower, so you have to wait around 2 months to see if your efforts bring the desired results.

The great thing about this strain is the kind of yield you get. You might have to wait until the early months of winter to secure the yield but the wait is worth it.

The strain can withstand high humidity without any complaints, which is one of the reasons why it grows so effortlessly in Michigan, where the weather is quite extreme.

If you are worried about the growing parameters, be assured that you can easily grow it indoors and outdoors too. It depends on what works best for you and the kind of growing parameters you have surrounding you.

  1. Auto Girl Scout Cookies Seed Strain

Another great-quality auto-flowering cannabis strain that’s also feminized is the Auto Girl Scout Cookies Seed Strain. It takes around 8 weeks for the seeds to flower, meaning that your harvest won’t test your patience.

Also, it allows the growers to yield two crops in a season, which accounts for a higher yield as well. We’d recommend you grow this strain indoors, in a very secluded and controlled environment if you want the best yield.

The strain is perfect for both beginners and advanced growers, which is another reason why this strain has widespread popularity in the cannabis community in Michigan. Overall, the strain is quite resilient too, so if you do end up planting it outdoors, you shouldn’t have to worry much about the growth.

  1. Blueberry Strain

If you are a beginner cannabis grower in Michigan with no in-depth knowledge about the various strains and their growing parameters, we’d suggest starting with the Blueberry marijuana strain.

It grows optimally in indoor growing conditions, meaning that you won’t have any issues growing the strain inside a grow room. Also, the strain has a quick flowering period and takes around 8 weeks to flower after you plant the seeds.

Since the strain is autoflowering, it won’t have any drastic impact on it due to the seasonal changes that are very prominent in Michigan. Just ensure that you pay close attention to the individual growing parameters for this strain.

  1. White Widow Strain

The last marijuana strain that’s worth growing in Michigan is the White Widow strain. It is perfect for growing indoors, meaning that you won’t have to be concerned if you don’t have enough space for growing them in the garden or any outdoor setting.

The resilience of this Indica-dominant strain is well worth the mention too. The plants typically grow between 2-4 feet in height, which is another reason why they are ideal for indoor growing.

Also, they are disease resistant but they do require direct sunlight for optimal growth. So, if you are growing the plant indoors, you have to set up the LED grow lights accordingly so that the plant doesn’t have to have stunted or restricted growth.


And, that’s all you need to know about cannabis in Michigan. From the laws and legalities to the ideal strains to grow, we have covered all the important topics that we think are worth knowing. What we’d suggest you do is check the individual seed banks and buy the right strains that will thrive in the weather condition in Michigan.

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