Buy Cannabis Seeds in Colorado – Top 5 Seed Banks That Ship To Colorado in 2023

When you think about Colorado, you think about the snow-capped mountains and the peaking altitude. But, there’s more to the state than just that. One of the leading factors that make Colorado stand out is its cannabis culture. 

Colorado is one of the states in the United States where cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use. So, if you are considering shifting to that state or if you have plans to visit Colorado for a few months, you are in for a treat.

The best thing about buying cannabis in Colorado is the variety and versatility. The state contains buds that are high in THC and offer something for someone, be it beginners or advanced growers. So, if you are planning to use or grow cannabis in Colorado, you are in the right place.

We have all the details about the laws and legalities of cannabis in Colorado sorted out in this article. But, that’s not all, we also explore growing parameters and the best strain you can personally grow in your homes. 

So, stay around until the end.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado – An Overview

Before we explore the in-depth rundown of the laws and legalities associated with cannabis in Colorado, the most important thing worth noting is the overview of the same.

If you are shifting to Colorado or are planning a visit there, what are some cannabis laws you should be aware of?

To be fair, there are quite a few of them. But, here’s a quick rundown for a glance through:

  • Recreational cannabis is legal
  • Medical cannabis is legal
  • Cannabis seeds and the operation of seed banks are legal
  • Buying and growing cannabis at home is legal

Keep in mind that this is just a quick rundown of the cannabis laws in Colorado. There are several depths and stipulations to these laws that we will discuss next.

In-depth Cannabis Laws in Colorado

If you are new to Colorado and don’t have a clear and in-depth idea about the cannabis laws besides the fact that everything is legal in the state, this is where you will get a rough estimation of all those information.

Medical Marijuana Laws

Colorado is extremely strict about the privacy of the patients that are registered with their regulatory body for access to medical marijuana.

There is no public information about the Colorado Medical marijuana registry at this point. That said, residents of Colorado are only granted access to a medical marijuana certificate if they have qualifying and debilitating medical conditions that need cannabis treatment support.

Qualified patients need to have access to their identification cards for legal access to medical marijuana. Also, the cards are only available to Colorado residents and are active within the state. A Colorado medical marijuana card isn’t active outside the state.

Buying and Selling Laws

With the medical marijuana insights out of the way, let us walk you through all the information you need to know regarding buying and selling cannabis in the state of Colorado. 

Age should be 21+

The individuals who wish to buy or sell marijuana via seed banks in Colorado should be 21 and above. Doing so when you are less than 21 is considered illegal and can land you in prison. Additionally, it is a felony to sell or share marijuana with anyone that’s below 21.

If you are selling or buying marijuana for personal or medical use, having valid ID proof for the purchase and purpose is a must.

Buying laws

Individuals should buy marijuana only from licensed retail stores. Doing so from the black market is illegal and if found otherwise, it can land you in jail.

Adults who are above the age of 21 can buy and have 1 ounce of cannabis in their possession. Anything above that can be considered a misdemeanor in the state of Colorado.  

Selling laws

Selling cannabis is only for licensed retailers. Anyone selling cannabis without a proper license might land a hefty fine and/or jail time.

Adults who are above the age of 21 can “give” 2 ounces of marijuana to someone over the age of 21 but can’t sell them without a license. Also, when giving marijuana from one person to the other, it can only be homegrown cannabis.

Using and Having Laws

With the buying and selling cannabis laws out of the way, what about the consumption and possession of cannabis? If you are confused about those, here are all the factors you need to keep in mind.

  • Adults above the age of 21 can possess 2 ounces of marijuana with them. Anything above that can result in hefty fines and legal charges.
  • Public use of cannabis in places like sidewalks, parks, amusement parks, ski resorts, concerts, businesses, restaurants, parks, etc. is prohibited. 
  • Since the use of marijuana is illegal under federal law, consumption or possession of the same in federal land is illegal.

If all of these are prohibited, where should I consume cannabis? Well, your best bet is on private property. It could be your home, your friend’s home, your family home, private properties and venues, etc. Very rarely will you come across hotel rooms that allow cannabis smoking, so ensure you don’t violate any laws there.

Despite the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, employers still have the autonomy to run drug testing on their employees. This is to ensure that none of the employees are working when under the influence of marijuana. So, ensure you cross-check all the workplace policies before you smoke up a storm during work hours.

Point of Sale Laws

You know for a fact that Colorado seed banks are legal but what are the laws surrounding the regulation of cannabis sales in the state?

  • Minors aren’t allowed to sell cannabis in any way shape or form in Colorado. No one under 21 can have any part in the retail of cannabis in the state.
  • The retail marijuana businesses, including Colorado seed banks in Colorado, can only be open from 08:00 AM till midnight. The municipalities have a stricter role of operation in the state.
  • Retail and medical marijuana businesses are required to sell marijuana products in resealable and child-resistant packages.
  • The marijuana products should have the symbol of marijuana printed on the label or the packaging to ensure there aren’t any kinds of misleading marketing.

Additionally, marijuana use for pregnant people is unsafe and illegal. If found otherwise, the same can lead to hefty fines and even prison time. Also, most hospitals in Colorado run tests to check for the presence of drugs in the baby. If found, even in traces, the hospital has complete autonomy to alert child protective services.

Growing Cannabis in Colorado

Colorado is known for their extreme weather conditions. There are instances where some days are very cold and some have warm and sunny weather. If it wasn’t a giveaway already, you need warm and sunny summers to be able to grow cannabis in the state of Colorado.

So, as the days start getting longer and you can feel the warmth of the sun, that’s when you need to start planning your next round of growing cannabis.

In Colorado, adult individuals above the age of 21 are allowed to grow up to 6 plants in their homes. If you live in a household with two 21-year-olds, the maximum growing limit, in that case, are 12 plants. Since Colorado provides leniency with growing cannabis plants, why not make the most out of the situation?

However, it isn’t even a question that growing cannabis isn’t child’s play. There are several factors involved and you have to be mindful of a lot, especially when it comes to the individual growing parameters.

Where Should One Grow Cannabis?

Colorado Springs is amazing for growing cannabis plants outdoors but you can’t deny the fact that growing them outdoors brings a lot of complications.

One of the most common issues is pests and diseases. But, when growing the strains outdoors in Colorado, the one thing you have to be mindful of is the sunlight it receives. Almost every strain you plan to grow needs a good amount of sunlight to support its growth.

So, always choose a spot outside that receives direct sunlight throughout the day. But, that doesn’t mean you can grow cannabis right in the middle of your garden where people can see it. When growing cannabis outdoors, you need to ensure that you grow them in a secluded spot away from the eyes of the outside.

Also, there are risks of theft in Colorado. So, if you grow your cannabis plant somewhere open, chances are that outsiders might see and snap them before you even have the chance to harvest them. 

So, always grow cannabis outdoors if you have a greenhouse setting or if you have a fenced backyard with optimal security that will keep all the plants safe and in the best condition until they are ready to be harvested.

Another factor worth considering when it comes to growing cannabis in Colorado is the water source. Ensuring that the plants are getting enough and optimal water is crucial for their sustained and optimal growth.

If you are wondering when is the best time, we’d recommend choosing somewhere between mid to late May month.

When is the Right Time to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

Simply buying marijuana seeds in Colorado isn’t enough, especially if you don’t have a clear understanding of when to sprout the seeds.

When should you plant them? When should you harvest them? These are very common and recurring questions that beginner growers have. So, let’s clear that out.

Due to the higher elevation, Colorado has a continental-like climate. The summers are pleasant but the winters are freezing. Even during summer months, the temperatures are comparatively lower than what you’d expect in other states in the United States.

If you live somewhere around Boulder in Colorado, late May is considered an ideal time for you to plant cannabis seeds. If you live somewhere like Durango where the summer months are quite warm, we’d recommend you choose May or wait until the frost is gone before you plant the seeds.

But, if you don’t want these kinds of restrictions and want to be able to grow and harvest cannabis any time of the year, indoor gardening is the best option in that case.

Which Category of Strains to Choose?

If you are in Colorado and you are sitting there wondering which category of cannabis strain you should grow, we’d recommend you read this first.

Firstly, there are two pivotal strains – Sativa and Indica.

  • Sativa strains grow quite quickly and they get quite tall in a shorter period. Also, most of these strains have a high THC level, inducing an instant cerebral high.
  • Indica strains, on the other hand, are short and denser in appearance. Also, they have quick flowering and germination and impose a pleasant buzz upon consumption.

Besides these pure strains, you also have hybrid strains, which are well worth the mention too. So, when it comes to growing cannabis, we’d recommend that you pay close attention to the kind of weather you get, and also the growing parameters you will be able to accommodate in the area. That should help you sort things out for the better.

How to Determine the Quality of the Cannabis Seeds in Colorado?

So, you just got the reference for a new Colorado-based seed bank and you are considering buying from them. How do you know or assess that you are getting good-quality seeds from them?

Your best bet to get your hands on good-quality cannabis seeds in Colorado is to find licensed and reputable dispensaries. There are quite a few available, which means that choosing one can be a challenge.

What determines the quality of cannabis seed is genetics. You want to buy the seeds that come from cannabis plants with desirable traits. Anything that comes from the runt of the lot isn’t going to provide you with high-quality seeds and a high yield. They aren’t worth the time at all.

Pest and Diseases

The last factor that’s important to consider when growing cannabis in Colorado is the pests and diseases. They are quite prolific in the state, meaning that you have to take extra precautions to ensure that you don’t let it damage all the efforts you have likely put in.

If you are considering growing cannabis, grow them from seeds. Avoid growing them using clones from other growers in Colorado (unless you know them closely). Accepting and growing from clones isn’t ideal because you don’t know the level of cleanliness and hygiene the other grower follows.

So, if you end up including one clone from them and it’s infected, be assured that it will end up infecting the other plants in the close vicinity.

The best way to avoid such risks is by keeping pesticides handy. These can be sprayed on the plants, ensuring the prevention of the risks of pests and diseases in the plants. We’d also recommend keeping fungicides handy since cannabis plants are very prone to fungal infections as well.

What to Keep in Mind When Growing Cannabis Plants in Colorado?

With the basic growing tips for cannabis seeds in Colorado, what about the strains and the plants you grow? To be fair, this is where most people lose track of their progress.

If you aren’t paying attention to the plant’s growth and keeping up with the growing parameters, be assured that it will eventually affect the growth pattern of the plant for good.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Buy from the reputable online or local seed bank

The first and likely most important factor that you have to keep in mind is buying cannabis from a reputable online or local dispensary. There are quite a few available around and the last thing you want is to buy the seeds from a random Colorado resident or grower who doesn’t follow the stipulated growing regulations.

The seed banks determine the ultimate quality of the cannabis plants you are growing. So, if you aren’t buying from reputable and licensed seed banks, chances are that you will end up buying low-quality seeds that don’t produce good-quality yield from the plant.

Also, buying from a seed bank ensures easy access to a variety of strains that you can choose from, depending on where you live and the kind of weather condition that prevails around you.

2. Buy according to the regional climate

Despite living in Colorado, you need to realize that every part of the state experiences different weather conditions.

So, someone who lives in the northern part might have a different climate than someone who lives in the western parts of Colorado. So, when it comes to buying cannabis seeds, this is something you have to be mindful of.

Always buy cannabis seeds depending on the local climate. If you want a better and quicker result, we’d recommend you buy from online seed banks instead of offline ones. 

3. Plan things ahead of time

The last tip worth considering when it comes to growing cannabis seeds is the planning you put into the process. Growing cannabis plants from the seeds require a dedicated place in your home or outdoors where it should get the regulated growing parameters it needs to produce a high yield.

So, if you are sitting there confused about starting from scratch, that’s why planning things ahead of time is advised. Take your time to plan and scope out the area of work before you jump into the process.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Colorado?

As we have mentioned time and time before, there are two modes of purchase for cannabis seeds in Colorado. You can buy them from online seed banks or you can buy them from local cannabis dispensaries.

So, here’s what you can explore:

Local Cannabis Dispensaries

If you are a beginner with not much idea about growing cannabis in Colorado or choosing the right weed strains, we’d recommend you visit the local dispensaries as your first resort.

They work effortlessly in helping you familiarize yourself with the best-quality cannabis strains and also the steps involved in growing them. 

Local dispensaries are also great to get your hands on locally-grown home-brand cannabis products for personal use. However, be assured that local dispensaries are fairly more expensive compared to online ones since they have a lot more to sustain locally.

Some of the best local dispensaries in Colorado include:

  • Seed and Smith
  • Sea of Green Seeds
  • Mammoth Farm Dispensary
  • Maggie’s Farm Marijuana
  • The Seed Fair Cannabis Seeds
  • The Happy Camper Cannabis 

Online Cannabis Seed Banks

That said, if you have a fair bit of an idea about cannabis and growing it in Colorado, online seed banks are going to be your best friend. 

They are easy to access and they are very readily available, meaning that you won’t have to go out of your way to visit every single one of them. You can open multiple online seed banks that ship to Colorado and compare the available strains and the price point.

Since the competition of online seed banks is quite high, it isn’t surprising that these websites offer competitive pricing. So, you have to take some time out and compare the prices before you can proceed with the purchase.

Some of the best online seed banks are:

Now that you have a good idea of where to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado, let us take a look at some of the best strains you can consider growing in Colorado.

What are the Best Strains to Grow in Colorado?

With so many different types of cannabis strains known to man, choosing the best strains for growing in Colorado can be a challenge. 

When picking a strain, the one factor you have to keep in mind is the climate. You want to buy a resilient strain that will thrive in the Colorado weather.

Some of the top strains worth considering are:

Afghan KushThis Indica-dominant strain is popular among beginners and is a quickly growing strain. Unlike most of the other strains that take around 9-10 weeks, Afghan Kush takes somewhere between 6-8 weeks to flower, making it ideal for growing in the ever-changing seasons in Colorado.

Besides that, Afghan Kush is very hardy and resilient, meaning that they won’t succumb to pests, diseases, and parasites. Another factor that makes this strain a worthy choice for Colorado is the flexible growing parameters. You don’t have to have stringent growing conditions for this plant to thrive.

Additionally, Afghan Kush is easily accessible, especially when it comes to the accessibility of the seeds. It has a high THC level, which accounts for 20%, ensuring a cerebral high and a relaxing buzz at the same time. 

The only thing you have to be mindful of when growing this strain is the direct sunlight availability. You need round-the-clock sunlight for this strain to grow and thrive.

1. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain that’s perfect for growing outdoors. They thrive better outdoors and are quite resilient, so you won’t normally have to worry about pests and diseases attacking the plant.

The best thing about growing Blue Dream is the fact that it’s low maintenance. It requires very little care and will grow by itself and without any inhibitions. The plant also grows up to 13 feet tall, contributing to a high yield. You can easily get up to 20 ounces of yield per plant.

Despite being quite hardy, you can’t deny the fact that Blue Dream is susceptible to damage due to pests and mold. What you can do is ensure there is optimal airflow to prevent the risks of mold. For pests, keep an eye on them and spray pesticides if needed.

2. Northern Lights

This one is a hybrid strain that has a very high-quality yield and almost looks like a staple garden tree. The plant can easily grow up to 7 feet in length and has a very high-quality output. They are best grown outdoors since they require a lot of sunlight.

What stands out in Norther Lights is their quick flowering. The plant takes somewhere around 7-9 weeks to flower, making it perfect for beginner growers who don’t have a lot of patience to work with.

Much like the Afghan Kush, even the Northern Lights is hardy and resilient. They are resistant to pests and also don’t experience mold attacks quite frequently. What we’d suggest you do is focus on keeping the ventilation optimal in the area you is growing the strain. That should take care of the issue.

Despite being a hardy strain, Northern Lights don’t perform well with ever-changing climates. You don’t want to expose it in winter months and you also don’t want to leave stagnant water in and around the plants because that can lead to irreparable damage.

3. White Widow

Another good-quality hybrid strain that grows effortlessly in Colorado is White Widow. It is one of the fastest growing plants that take somewhere between 6-8 weeks to flower. Additionally, the plant can produce up to 18 ounces per 10 feet of the plant, which is quite promising as well.

Since White Widow produces a very high yield and high-quality cannabis buds, it isn’t surprising that the plant is quite valuable. 

Also, it has a high THC level in it, which can induce an instant cerebral buzz. The overall flavor profile and taste of this strain are quite pleasant, making it suitable for beginners. If you are considering growing this strain, we’d recommend growing it indoors.

4. Blue Cheese

Last but not least is Blue Cheese, which is another popular and high-quality Indica dominant strain. Don’t get deterred by the name because Blue Cheese has a very subtle and pleasant taste. It is an extremely hardy and high-quality strain that you can grow without any worries.

As for the growing parameters, the strain isn’t very demanding. Just ensuring that you have enough air regulation and direct sunlight and prevent dousing the plants in water since that leads to risks of molding.

Like several of the other strains mentioned, even Blue Cheese is a high-yielding variant that can produce around 20 ounces of cannabis per 10 feet of the plant. And, since it is a quick flowering strain, the harvesting period is fairly less too.

When did Colorado Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

Colorado was the first state in the United States to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012. Although most people in the country thought that California would be the first state to legalize the same, Colorado beat them to become the first-ever, creating history.

Under Amendment 64, residents of Colorado have complete legality to buy and grow cannabis in the state, provided they follow the limitations.

The residents should be 21 years and older to be able to use, buy or grow cannabis in Colorado. If found otherwise, the same would be considered a felony.

Even though cannabis is legalized in Colorado, it isn’t surprising that the black market is still booming on the side, much like how it is in other states in the United States.

Purchasing cannabis seeds, buds, or products from the black market is not advisable, especially because it doesn’t have any regulations. None of the cannabis that’s sold in the black market is tested, meaning that you are more than likely putting your health at risk.


And, that’s all you need to know about buying cannabis seeds in the state of Colorado. We have tried to inculcate every last detail you’d need to know about growing cannabis and consuming it in Colorado but without breaking any laws and legalities in the state. Another thing we’d recommend you pay close attention to is keeping up with the change in laws since they happen now and then.

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