How to Clone Marijuana?

Marijuana cloning is the best and the most efficient way of getting guaranteed female marijuana plant without much investment. It helps you save your money and provide many benefits. The post below will be shedding light on the list of benefits one can enjoy while cloning the marijuana plant. 

However, if you are here to know the whole process of how to clone the marijuana place then, we have you covered. The post will as well highlight the steps that you need to carry to clone the marijuana. Therefore, keep on reading the post further for a piece of detailed information on the things that you need to note while cloning marijuana. 

How to Clone Marijuana

What do you mean by marijuana cloning?

Before going into the details of the process of cloning marijuana, let us understand in brief, what marijuana is cloning. Well, to not beat around the bush and make things simpler for you to understand, the cloning of marijuana is taking out the branch or the node from the marijuana plant and establishing it into a different plant. 

This cloning of the marijuana plant is quite beneficial as it saves your money on buying a separate plant. 

Interestingly, when you go to purchase new seeds of the female marijuana plant, they charge you even high. The details regarding why the charges are high for the female plant will be discussed in the post in the later section.

 Always bear in mind that if you are cloning marijuana from your plant, the quality of the cloned marijuana will be similar to the parent plant. Hence, if you have loved the quality of the parent plant then and only then is advisable for you to clone the marijuana. Also, remember to use the female marijuana for the cloning so to get a guaranteed female marijuana plant.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what the clone of marijuana refers to, let us proceed further and gain more insight into the same topic. The next section will be taking you through the checklist to clone the marijuana. Make sure that you do not forget to ask a few important questions to the seller before purchasing the marijuana. Hence, keep on reading the post further for your reference and clarity so that you know everything when you clone the marijuana. 

Checklist to clone marijuana

Well, if you are planning to buy clones from the marijuana plant then, you should note a few things. The checklist for the same will be discussed in this segment. One of the common mistakes that the buyers of clones make is not asking the right set of questions before finalizing the deal. By asking the right set of many questions, you will be able to evaluate the quality of the clones that the seller is providing. A few of the questions that need to be asked before purchasing the clones include the following:

  1. The number of clones that the seller has
  2. The cost to purchase the same 
  3. delivery date for the cloned marijuana

Interestingly, these three questions alone will, not help you get the best quality of marijuana. You need to be sure about the quality before you step in to purchase the same. For this, the checklists of questions that you need to get answers to have been highlighted below for your reference. 

  • Growing medium of clones is essential to be asked
  • The period when the clones  were cut is another critical question
  • The pesticides and other chemicals used while cloning marijuana
  • Dark or light cycle the marijuana clones have grown in
  • Is it feminized cloned marijuana?
  • Whether the plants are larger ones or the teens?
  • Which strains of marijuana are available?
  • Written guarantee for the quality of marijuana clones

A few of these questions need or be asked before you purchase the marijuana clones. However, if you plan to clone the marijuana all by yourself then, the process of the same will also be discussed in the next segment. So, keep reading the post further for more information on the process to clone marijuana. 

Checklist to clone marijuana

What is the process to clone marijuana?

If you wish to clone your marijuana then, the process will be laid down below. The process of cloning your marijuana is quite simple. You just need a few things to clone your marijuana including the branches of the marijuana plant, a container, gloves, scissors, water or cloning tray, and rooting hormones. The steps you need to follow to clone your marijuana have been mentioned below for your reference. 

  • Initially, take an uncontaminated container and put rooting gel inside. Essential to note is that the cloning of marijuana requires a very clean environment. Make sure not to take the cloned marijuana directly from the pot. 
  • Next fill in your clone marijuana container with water (half an inch) for the moisture. Moisture is the most essential factor for the development of your clone.
  • After adding water, you need to count four nodes or branches from the parent plant. Make the incision after the fourth node or branch. 
  • Make sure to not cut it straight but rather cut it with a 45-degree angle of the 5th node. If you leave any branches between the 5th and 6th nodes then, it can become the focus area for the pest and the fungus. 
  • After this, cut the branch from the lower end by holding it gently. If the cut is done in the desired manner then, it will help the clone grow vertically high. Take the recipient along with rooting gel for dipping it in the substances. 
  • Now you can place the clone marijuana in your chosen medium that is from 4/3rd or 2/3rd depth. This will ensure that the cut you made does not lead to your clone losing the rooting gel. 
  • You can further follow the same method as many times as you want to. If you want to clone many roots then, repeat the process.

This was in brief the process you need to follow to clone the marijuana by yourself. Now that you know it, let us proceed further. 

What is the process to clone marijuana?

Reasons To Clone Marijuana

The segment above enlisted the process through which you can clone the marijuana effortlessly at your place by yourself. However, the important question arises is why would one want to clone marijuana. Cloning helps individuals in multiple ways. A few of the benefits of cloning marijuana will be laid down below in the section for your reference so that you know all about it before you clone your marijuana.

  • The guaranteed female marijuana plant

One of the best advantages of cloning marijuana is that you can get female marijuana. If you cut the clone from the female plant then, it is assumed that you will get a guaranteed female marijuana plant. Female marijuana plants would produce terpene and cannabinoid-rich marijuana flowers.

  • Within your limits

Another best advantage is that the seeds are quite expensive to be purchased. And this applies specifically to the feminised seeds. Why buy the feminine seeds when you can get it done by investing the lesser amount of the same quality. Cloning the marijuana plant will help you save a great amount of your money however; it would cost you your valuable resources and time.

  • Requires less time to harvest

As compared to the plant seeds, the cloned marijuana plant will take lesser time for harvesting. This is primarily because it eliminates the requirement of germination as well as the seedling stage. This would mean that it would save up to around a month that a normal plant would take for harvesting. 

  • Consistency in quality

If you are very particular about the quality of marijuana flowers then, it would be best for you to clone the marijuana plant rather than buying the seeds to grow it. It will help you get the same high-quality plant without much expense or time investment. 

Reasons To Clone Marijuana

A few of the reasons these were that you should know about cloning marijuana. Cloning the marijuana plant has many benefits for individuals as stated above. 

Things to note to get the best clone

As you are aware of why you should clone the marijuana, let us proceed further to learn a few of the things that you need to note to get the best clone. Well, keep reading the post further so that you know about the critical things that one should never forget while cloning the marijuana plant. 

  • Take female parent clone: It is always suggested to take the female marijuana plant for the cloning so that you get the guaranteed female plant. The female plat is much more beneficial than the male plant and hence when you go out in the market to purchase the same, you get the female plant at a bit higher price. 
  • Use the cloning machine: Additionally, the use of the cloning machine can help easier the entire process of cloning marijuana. The use of the cloning machine can further aid you in avoiding the immersion of the clones of marijuana in water. In the alternative case, the root diseases can develop. The cloning machine that you can use for the same is the aeroponic system.
  • Make use of the cloning products: While cloning marijuana at your place, always remember to use the cloning products such as the cloning tray, and container so that your plant does not lose the important hormones. The cloning products will help you get the work done much faster. 
  • Clean and hygienic environment: In the final words, when you are cloning the marijuana plant make sure that the whole process is hygiene. When you cut the node, ensure to keep I in a hygienic and clean environment. This is to avoid the loss of the rooting hormones. 

A few things should be kept in mind while cloning marijuana. Always research well before you start coning the marijuana plant. This is especially applicable if you are cloning the marijuana plant for the first time.  Now, continue reading the post further for more information. 

Things to note to get the best clone

Temperature requirement of the cloned marijuana

Interestingly, one has to bear in mind that the temperature required for cloned marijuana is humid. For high quality cloned marijuana, you need to make sure that the cloned marijuana is kept in the right condition at the right temperature. The temperature requirement for the cloned marijuana is fairly warm and humid. Hence, always make sure that the temperature is well maintained. 

The task of the individual does not end by providing the humidity at the time of cloning only rather the humidity is to be maintained for a long time. For ensuring the humidity, you can get the humidity domes from the garden stores easily. A better idea is to get the clone box from the market so that no problem concerning the temperature arises. These clone boxes are a bit expensive and hence you can create them by yourself to keep the process cost-effective. 

Make sure that the temperature for this whole process is maintained so that your plant does not die. The ideal temperature required for the marijuana clone is around 35 degrees to 35 degrees. Without the required temperature, your plant may not be able to survive the conditions. 

Hence, make sure to go through the entire post again to gain a clear understanding of all the information related to cloning marijuana at your place with ease.  Hopefully, we were able to provide you with clear information regarding the process of cloning marijuana. 


Marijuana is consumed by people all over the world. The use of marijuana is beneficial for many people as it has medicinal properties. However, you need to know if marijuana is legal in your country. This is because; in most countries, growing marijuana is not legal. We hope, we have been able to provide you with the information that you were seeking. So, enjoy cloning your marijuana by saving your cost and time

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