15 Best Medical Marijuana Strains in 2022 Reviewed: Healing and Therapeutic Effects

Best Medical Marijuana Strains

People consume marijuana largely for two reasons – either to get ‘high’ off it, which is commonly called ‘recreational’ consumption of marijuana, or to avail the medicinal benefits of it. For thousands of years, the Cannabis plant has been used for its medical properties in ancient civilizations such as those in China and India. With … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Dystonia in 2022: Reviewing the Best Strains to Heal Your Muscles Using Marijuana

Best Cannabis Strains for Dystonia

While marijuana is popularly consumed for recreational purposes, and a majority of the world associates it with ‘getting high’ and ‘having a good time’, there’s a significant number of people who also use weed as a form of treatment. There is a lot of research that backs this, and researchers are still working on finding … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Birthdays: Reviewing The Best Party Strains and Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Best Cannabis Strains for Birthdays

Everyone loves a good birthday party. While there are many ways to celebrate, smoking up is one of the best ways to enjoy your special day with your friends. There are some special kinds of marijuana strains out there that are identified as ‘party strains’ which can help you socialize better, give you a happy … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for High-Heat Regions – Growing Strains that Can Withstand Heat

Best Marijuana Strains for High-Heat Regions

When you grow marijuana plants, there are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind – while most people generally keep the lighting, humidity, airflow, and nutrients in check, temperatures are often something that is overlooked. However, growers, and especially those who live in places that are very hot, need to keep … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief: 10 Best Medical Marijuana Strains of 2022 Reviewed 

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Throughout history, marijuana has been used for medical purposes. Be it the ancient Indians or the Chinese civilization, or even the Mayans, they have all used cannabis as a medicine. While there are many medicinal and therapeutic benefits that marijuana offers, pain relief is among the most well-documented and well-known benefits. In this article, we … Read more