Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds in California – #5 Best Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship To California in 2023

California is one of the leading states in the United States that consists of people of varying cultures, professionals, and dreams coming together. But, what about the laws and legalities of cannabis seeds in California? If you are inquisitive about the same, this article will explore more about buying and growing cannabis in California, and the legalities associated with it.

If you are based out of California and you are wondering about the legalities, process of growing, and accessibility of cannabis seeds in the state, you are in the right place. We have all the relevant information lined up for you.

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds in California

Before anything, let us start with the clarification that buying and consumption of cannabis are legal in California. So, accessing seed banks in California or even starting one of your own isn’t illegal or something you have to worry about.

There are certain restrictions to the buying and selling of cannabis in California, one that’s especially influenced by age.

According to the government portal, one can buy cannabis if:

  • They are 18 and older and have a physician’s recommendation for the same.
  • They are 21 and older and want to use cannabis for adult and recreational use.

If you are a medicinal cannabis user in California, there are quite a few important factors you have to be mindful of. The good thing about individuals with medicinal cannabis needs is that they get leeway for:

  • Having more possession of the cannabis buds or seeds
  • Can grow more plants at home if the physician approves it
  • Can buy more cannabis than required per day as per the physician’s prescription

Another factor that’s worth looking into when it comes to the legality of cannabis seeds in California is the laws themselves. There could be a difference in the state and city laws, so we’d recommend that you check the individual city law you are in before you buy or sell cannabis.

Best Online Cannabis Stores in California

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of buying your cannabis seeds offline, there are multiple online cannabis stores in California. The great thing about buying cannabis online is the competitive pricing. You can be assured that you will get great deals and discounts, which aren’t always available at offline dispensaries.

But, which online stores can you rely on? Following are the top two we’d recommend looking into:

ILGM is one of the most reliable online stores for marijuana seeds that you can have blind reliance on. Also, the prices are the best compared to any other online or offline store you come across.

Image Product Features Price
I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank) I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM Seed Bank)

  • Based In: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Popular Strains: Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purple, Bruce Banner, White Widow, Super Skunk

Check Deals on ILGM
CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank) CropKingSeeds (CKS Seed Bank)

  • Based In: Vancouver, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Trainwreck, Sour Girl, NYC Diesel, Northern Lights, Lambs Breath

Check Deals on CropKingSeeds
Seedsman Seed Bank Seedsman Seed Bank

  • Based In: Barcelona and the UK
  • Popular Strains: BCN Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Amnesia Mac Ganja, SFV OG Kush, Cannalope Haze, Kosher Kush 

Check Deals on Seedsman
Marijuana Seeds NL Marijuana Seeds NL

  • Based In: London
  • Popular Strains: Gorilla glue, Bruce Banner #3, The Gelato, Fruity Pebbles, Sunset Sherbert, THC Bomb, Wedding Cake

Check Deals on Marijuana Seeds NL
Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS Seed Bank) Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS Seed Bank)
  • Based In: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Popular Strains: Skunk No. 1, Orange Haze, Chemdawg, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, White Dream
Check Deals on Quebec Cannabis Seeds

These are the most popular online cannabis stores in California that you can explore. But, there are quite a few other online stores available that you can look into.

What are the Legalities behind Using Cannabis in California?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the legalities and laws surrounding cannabis buying and usage, where you can use cannabis in California?

The consumption of cannabis is considered safe and legal in private properties but it is prohibited in public spaces like parks, restaurants, hospitals, etc. Also, smoking cannabis isn’t allowed anywhere in areas where smoking is prohibited.

Even if you are smoking on private property, smoking cannabis within 1000 feet of a school, daycare center, or youth center is prohibited. Anywhere with kids present isn’t legal for you to smoke cannabis.

Additionally, if you are renting out your property and don’t want the renters to smoke cannabis, ensure that you mention the same on the agreement. The same applies to the hotels too. Most hotels don’t permit smoking cannabis inside the hotel room. If found otherwise, the same might end up striking a penalty.

Despite cannabis being legal in California, you need to understand that it is still illegal under federal law. So, consumption, buying, or purchase of cannabis in federal law is illegal. Also, you can’t take cannabis across state lines. It is illegal as well.

What are the Legalities Associated with Growing Cannabis at home in California?

Before you even think about buying seeds from California seed banks, you need to familiarize yourself with the laws of growing cannabis in California.

If you are 21+ years and a resident of California, you can grow up to a maximum of 6 plants at home. Furthermore, if you end up turning the grown cannabis plants and buds into the product, additional elements like butane and propane can’t be added to the said product.

These are overall state laws. However, the law for growing cannabis at your home might differ from one city to the other in California. What we’d recommend you do is ensure to check out those individual updates and laws before you start growing.

Some cities require the growers to have licenses and permits for growing and/or selling cannabis as a product. So, confirm those legalities first before you dive head-first into exploring the home-growing options for cannabis.

What are the Legalities Associated with Driving with Cannabis in California?

Can you drive around in your car while marijuana seeds are in California? There are certain rules, regulations, and legalities associated with cannabis possession while driving.

Firstly, possessing an open box or container of cannabis in the car while driving is illegal in California. If you do have cannabis in your possession in the car during a ride, it should be:

  • In a sealed container
  • In the trunk of the vehicle

However, since there are risks associated with being under the influence of marijuana while you are driving, law enforcement professionals can pull you to the side to do a sobriety test if they suspect anything amiss.

How to Grow Cannabis in California?

With all the cultivation laws and legalities surrounding cannabis in California out of the way, let us shift our focus to the steps involved to grow cannabis where you live in California.

Typically, California is a sunny state, meaning that you have warm, sunny, and bright weather throughout the year. As we mentioned before, growing cannabis in California is legal when you are growing it for personal use or medicinal purposes.

But there are certain limitations imposed too. According to the cultivation law in California, you can cultivate up to 28.5 grams of marijuana that you can then use for personal use. The amount can be higher for prescribed medicinal use.

With that out of the way, let us shift our focus to the growing parameters you need to ensure that the harvest is worth it in the end.

Some of the factors worth looking into are:

Right growing space

The first and possibly the most important factor worth exploring is the growing space for cannabis plants. Since California has very sharp, sunny, and humid weather, you might prefer growing the cannabis plants indoors where you’d have better control of the growing parameters.

In California, most of the cannabis traits grow up to 4-5 feet in height. Also, they might grow as a canopy, so you need to be mindful of the space you have available in the surroundings. What we’d recommend is having a minimum space of 16 sq. ft.

Garage or attic space works the best and serves as the most effective growing area for the compatible cannabis strains you can grow in California.

Install high-quality lights

Since most cannabis growers in California prefer growing the strains indoors, having access to a good-quality light setting is crucial and mandatory. There are quite a few different options available that we’d recommend you look into.

However, if you want the most mainstream option, LED lights are the easiest to work around. Then you also have fluorescent lights and HID lights.

The reason why LED lights work the best in growing cannabis in California is because of their efficiency. Also, they consume a lot less electricity, saving you a lot on the power bills by the end of the month.

Air regulation

Another factor worth highlighting while growing cannabis indoors in California is the degree of air regulation. Cannabis needs clean air and carbon dioxide to grow optimally. Also, ventilation is crucial if you don’t want the buds to grow moldy.

If you are growing the cannabis strain indoors, keep large windows in the room, which will promote ventilation and keep the plants growing optimally and without any compromise.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in California?

With the basic growing parameters out of the way, another factor to consider when buying strains from California seed banks in California is the sprouting season.

If you are planting cannabis plants outdoors, you can start noticing the flowering happening around August. This is when the light cycle is at its peak, which triggers the flowering process.

However, if you are buying photoperiod strains, they do come with their own set of light cycles and growth factors that you need to be mindful of.

Also, when you are paying attention to the sprouting season in California, we’d recommend that you also focus on the plant’s vegetative stage. This is when the plant is growing the leaves and the stem, which matures to form the individual buds that are later sold or consumed.

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in California

Growing cannabis in California isn’t as straightforward as you think. There are strict laws, risks of thefts, ever-changing weather conditions, and the risks of diseases that can make all your efforts go to waste.

Most cannabis cultivators are faced with a barrage of issues when it comes to growing marijuana at home or in their professional properties. But, being aware of these shortcomings or risks ensures that you are prepared to take the brunt of the situation and mitigate the problem effortlessly.

1. Look out for law enforcement

Cannabis is legal in California. This is something we have talked about from the start of the article. However, there are certain instances and situations that might lead you behind the lock-up.

So, follow all the laws, rules, and regulations associated with growing, selling, and buying cannabis in California.

Also, there is a limit of 6 plants to grow per person of 21+ years of age. If there are licensing and permits involved, we’d recommend you sort that out as well before you go ahead with the growing process.

Another factor worth considering avoiding law enforcement is containing the growth of cannabis in the area. You want to self-contain everything, especially if you live in a residential area with kids around.

2. Theft risks

California is known for its strict law enforcement, especially to keep the risks of theft and robbery low in the state. However, nothing is completely against the grain in the state.

So, there are still potential risks associated with theft when it comes to growing or selling cannabis in the area.

Since most people prefer growing cannabis inside their homes, the kind of security measures you take has to be implemented from your end. You can install an alarm system and video surveillance to keep track of whoever is trying to trespass on your property.

Also, if you are growing cannabis outdoors in your home in California, cover the house with tall fencing. You can also install sprinklers and motion detectors in the garden to alert you if someone is going against the law and trespassing on your property.

3. Weather conditions

If you are planning to grow cannabis in California, the months between April and July are considered the best for planting. Early June is the most commonly used time when the growers start planting the seeds they bought from new California-based seed bank.

One important factor about growing cannabis in California is the possibility of a longer vegetative cycle of the plant. Also, if you want your cannabis plants to grow quite tall, we’d recommend you try pruning. It works wonders.

The flowering typically starts somewhere around August, following which the fully grown plants can be harvested around October.

4. Pests and diseases

Another worrisome factor that comes with growing cannabis in your home or outdoors in California is the risk of pests and diseases.

Some of the most common pests include cannabis aphids, russet mites, Eurasian hemp borers, and corn earworms. Not only are they extremely small and notorious, but they also spread and multiply very quickly.

This means that by the time you are aware of a pest infestation, they might end up damaging the entire thing for good. What we’d recommend you do in that case is pay close attention to the plant and its growth patterns. If you notice stunted growth, it is a sign that something is wrong.

It could be a sign of pest infestation or a disease infecting the plant. It could also mean that the growth parameters aren’t optimal.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in California

Growing cannabis in California comes with a lot of complexities. Since the weather is fairly sunny and warm throughout the year, there are certain factors you have to consider when choosing the seeds and the growth patterns for the strain.

We have sorted out some of the most important tips:

1. Check for reputable dispensaries

If you are sitting here thinking about where to buy marijuana seeds in California, we’d recommend you first check online. Instead of relying on bigger brands, look into the local brands first.

Buying from local, reputable brands ensures that you will get access to the best quality and fresh-quality seeds that you can later grow at your convenience. Since there are so many different options available, quick research online should give you all the insights you need.

Another reason why we’d recommend buying the seeds from online seed banks is due to the competitive prices. You can get your hands on a great deal that you might not get when you are buying from offline dispensaries.

2. Pay attention to the climate

The local climate of where you live in California makes all the difference. Since cannabis seeds are very sensitive, it isn’t surprising that the need for compatible cannabis seeds is crucial.

You don’t want to buy seeds for a strain that will not sustain in the harsh and sunny weather in California. Additionally, you also need to avoid strains that have high chances of molding and rotting in humid or warmer temperatures.

3. Be one step ahead in the planning

Creating and planting a cannabis garden isn’t a one-day project. You have to sort things out ahead of time. So, one factor we’d highly recommend you look into is planning things.

Planning in time also ensures that you’d buy the right strain of seeds and then be able to plant them in the optimal planting period for quicker flowering and optimal harvest at the season’s end.

Which Cannabis Stores are Ideal for Buying Seeds in California?

Like any other state in the United States, even California has access to two types of seed banks – online and offline or local dispensaries.

For trust and relationship building, most beginner growers look into local seed banks over online seed banks. As a beginner, we’d recommend you look into the seed banks that are available offline. Doing so gives you a better idea of what you can expect from a seed, growing and care, and all the associated factors.

However, once you gain substantial knowledge about cannabis seeds and strains, we’d highly recommend you switch to buying the seeds online. Why? Because they offer competitive prices for the seeds you buy.

Let us break down each of the best online and offline stores for cannabis seeds in California.

Local Cannabis Stores in California

There are ample local offline cannabis seed dispensaries in California. Most of them are well-known, reputed, and registered. So, you won’t have to worry about the quality and the legalities of the purchase you are making.

The top three local cannabis stores in California include:

  • The Jungle Boys (LA Farmers)
  • South Sac Care Center (The Village)
  • Cookies (multiple locations)

The above three have transformed the cannabis growing game in California, especially with their supply of high-quality cannabis seeds and strains.

But, since they are hard-pressed seeds, we can’t deny the fact that they are always high in demand. So, there are possibilities that you might not be able to get your hands on them when the launch happens. Hence, building a good rapport and relationship with the store owners is crucial.

What are the Best Cannabis Seed Strains to Grow in California?

Once you are set to start growing cannabis in your home in California, the one thing you have to be mindful of is a selection of seeds.

Since California has bright and sunny weather, you can be assured that multiple strains are great for you to grow in the state. Most of these strains can withstand the bright weather and won’t succumb to the pest and diseases that often have looming consequences.

Following are the best cannabis seed strains we’d recommend you look into:

1. Mimosa Feminised

Mimosa Feminised
Mimosa Feminised

Mimosa is possibly one of the most popular cannabis strains you can grow in California. Not just the growing purpose, it has an equally enraging popularity for its unique flavor profile and taste. The strain was initially bred and launched by The Village Genetics.

Once the strain hit the shelves, it didn’t take long for strain to gain the kind of popularity that it has. The unique taste and the after-effects make this a worthy strain for beginners and advanced smokers to indulge in.

The potency of this strain is quite strong, which means that you are going to feel your entire body buzzing from the start till the end. It takes around 8 weeks for the strain to flower, after which it can be harvested. The strain makes an amazing conversation starter, so you can include them in a party gathering.

2. Gorilla Glue Feminised

Gorilla Glue Feminised
Gorilla Glue Feminised

Another popular strain that’s ideal to grow in California is Gorilla Glue. The strain is one of the most unique strains available in the market, especially with the kind of flavor profile it comes with.

You get to enjoy a mix of coffee, chocolate, and strong caffeine flavor with this strain. Also, the strain has a high potency, which means that it has mind-erasing properties and will leave your mind numb when you smoke it. The THC level in the strain is quite high.

The great thing about this strain that makes it amazing for growing in California is its versatility. Not just indoors, you can also grow the strain outdoors, making it a lot more accessible for every user.

3. Trainwreck Feminised

Trainwreck Feminised

If the name of the strain isn’t a giveaway, Trainwreck is a very strong Cannabis strain that you can comfortably grow in California. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with high THC levels. The strain was initially bred in Northern California, following which it gained a lot of popularity in the community.

Besides the strong potency, the trainwreck strain is also amazing if you want to yield high-quality and potent buds. But, be assured because it induces an instant high the moment you smoke it. So, be careful with its consumption.

What is the History of Cannabis in California?

Although the legalization of cannabis in California hasn’t been for many years, the use of flowers and concentrates of cannabis goes back in time.

The history associated with varying cannabis strains in California has a lot of influence in the legal sense, so that’s something you have to be mindful of when you are considering growing the strain in your home.

What is the List of Penalties Associated with Cannabis in California?

Although Cannabis is legal in California, there are some downsides and limitations associated with its growth and possession. Law enforcement isn’t just when you have an excess amount of cannabis with you.

There are different types of penalties associated. We have mentioned them in detail below.

For cannabis possession:

  • Possessing over an ounce of cannabis without MMJ is punishable.

For cannabis trafficking:

While gifting cannabis is legal in California, there are some penalties associated with it:

  • Selling cannabis to anyone is a felony
  • Selling cannabis to minors is a felony

For cannabis seed cultivation:

  • It is illegal to grow more than six seeds or mature plants at home in California without an MMJ card

For transporting cannabis and cannabis products out of California:

Crossing state borders with cannabis in possession is illegal and can land you in jail or with issues with law enforcement.

If you are visiting the adjoining states of California like Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon, you can be assured that the availability of cannabis is legal there too. So, you don’t have to put yourself in trouble and carry cannabis with you.

What we’d recommend you do is leave any kinds of cannabis you have at home and then buy the cannabis legally when you are in another state.

How is the Cannabis Culture in California?

Cannabis is a booming and ever-growing industry in California. Not just for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, the use of cannabis runs down for personal recreational use as well.

Not just for private use, cannabis-inspired festivals are happening in the state. Also, it is home to the breeding of multiple new and legendary strains that people across the globe are smoking up.

But, one thing that’s irreparably augmenting the cannabis culture in California is Cookie Fam. It doesn’t matter if you are from California or any other state in the United States, everyone has heard of Cookie Fam.

It is one of the most notable dessert strains that has been bred and developed by Berner and the Cookie Fam. So, whenever it comes to discussing the Cannabis culture in California, we can’t miss out on mentioning Cookie Fam.

But, the same doesn’t stop there. Other options that deserve a special mention are the Jungle Books and the Village.

Since Girl Scout Cookies have a very pronounced and versatile flavor profile, it isn’t surprising that this strain and several other strains inspired by it have become mainstream in the California cannabis culture.

What is the Cannabis Black Market for Cannabis Seeds and Products?

Like most other states in the United States, even California has a black-market possession that many aren’t aware of. It is a growing concern in California.

Even with the legalization, the black market of cannabis in California acquires millions and millions of dollars each year. Weed is no doubt cheaper when it’s sold on the black market, especially because they aren’t regulated and are sold without proper evaluation.

Also, buying cannabis from the black market in California can be a health hazard since the buds and the strains are extracted from a lackluster crop. So, there are potential chances that the strains aren’t as fresh and high-quality as you would get when you buy them from registered and regulated seed banks and cannabis product sellers.

Most of the cannabis strains and products you get access to in the black market are “knock-offs”, meaning that they aren’t original products and aren’t the safest to indulge in. What we’d highly recommend is sparing a few extra dollars and getting the cannabis strains, seeds, and products from reputable seed banks or sellers. Avoid spending your money on the black market.


California is no doubt one of the best states in the United States if you wish to grow cannabis and sell different products. However, like other states, we’d first recommend you check the individual city laws since they might vary too.

Additionally, thanks to the sunny and bright weather, California is a great place for you to grow your cannabis with restrictions. It hosts a variety of legal and local offline and online seed bank dispensaries that you can easily explore to buy high-quality cannabis seeds in California for your next venture.

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