Highest THC Cannabis Strains – Reviewing The Marijuana Strains That Will Get You Extremely Stoned!

Highest THC Cannabis Strains

People smoke marijuana largely for two reasons. They either want to get high by smoking it (recreational use), or they want to make use of the therapeutical benefits that the plant provides them with (medical use). When it comes to recreational use, THC is the metric you should be looking at. The higher the THC … Read more

12 Eggplant Companion Plants to Try

12 Eggplant Companion Plants to Try

There is a variety of vegetables available in the market and there are a few unique ones that people either love or hate. Eggplant is one of those. It is a hit or a miss among people. While some people enjoy the neutral, “meaty” taste and texture of the vegetable, some people have a strong … Read more

9 Types of Pothos to Add to Your Collection

9 Types of Pothos

When you think about indoor plants, Pothos is generally the first pick. Not only are they easy to grow and care for, but they are extremely versatile as well. You get to choose from a variety of options, all in varying colors, textures, and appearances.  They are very hardy, which means that you can grow … Read more