Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief: 10 Best Medical Marijuana Strains of 2022 Reviewed 

Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Throughout history, marijuana has been used for medical purposes. Be it the ancient Indians or the Chinese civilization, or even the Mayans, they have all used cannabis as a medicine. While there are many medicinal and therapeutic benefits that marijuana offers, pain relief is among the most well-documented and well-known benefits. In this article, we … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga in 2022: Relax, Refresh and Recharge Yourself with Marijuana

Best Cannabis Strains for Yoga

When it comes to smoking weed, people usually believe that it is done largely for two purposes. It is either consumed for recreational purposes, which, simply put, means getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned’, or it is consumed for medical purposes. There are a number of medicinal properties associated with the cannabis plant which we are only … Read more

15 Best Mold Resistant Strains in 2022: A Complete List of Marijuana Strains That Can Withstand Humid Climates

Best Mold Resistant Strains

While everyone talks about light, airflow, and nutrition as some of the most important elements of growing marijuana, one often forgets the role of humidity in this equation. While the right amount of humidity can give you a bumper crop, having a little extra amount of humidity in the air can damage your plants if … Read more

Best Outdoor Strains For NorthEast US States – Reviewing the Best Strains for Humid and Warm Climates

Best Outdoor Strains For NorthEast US States

Typically, marijuana strains harvest before the winter sets in. The time between late summer to early winter is the ‘season’ for these plants to grow. However, different parts of the world experience different weather conditions at this time. In this article, we are specifically looking at some marijuana strains that can thrive in the NorthEastern … Read more