15 Best Mold Resistant Strains in 2022: A Complete List of Marijuana Strains That Can Withstand Humid Climates

Best Mold Resistant Strains

While everyone talks about light, airflow, and nutrition as some of the most important elements of growing marijuana, one often forgets the role of humidity in this equation. While the right amount of humidity can give you a bumper crop, having a little extra amount of humidity in the air can damage your plants if … Read more

Best Regular Marijuana Seeds in 2022: Reviewing the Best Non-Feminized Strains Out There

Best Regular Marijuana Seeds

While feminized marijuana strains are generally preferred by growers who want to grow some basic plants at home, it is when you move to the next level of growth that you truly begin to appreciate regular marijuana seeds. Regular seeds are for those who want to have their own adventures and aren’t afraid of trying … Read more

Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners: Top 15 Strains for Those Starting their Cannabis Growing Journey

Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners

Is marijuana really hard to grow? The answer honestly depends upon the strain you are choosing. There are some marijuana strains that you can grow without practically having ever grown a plant in the past. And then there are some strains that you will struggle with even if you are someone who has been growing … Read more

15 Best Autoflowering Seeds in 2022: Fastest Growing Marijuana Seeds Reviewed

Best Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana seeds can be classified in many different ways. One of them is based on whether they are autoflowering seeds or whether they give rise to plants that flower based on the photoperiod. Different growers have different types of needs, and autoflowering plants are always in high demand, especially when it comes to growing cannabis … Read more

Agapanthus Leaves Turning Yellow: A List of All the Potential Culprits [5 Causes & 360 Degree Solution]

5 Causes of Agapanthus Plants Turning Yellow

Agapanthus is a plant that looks very attractive. It has purple-colored flowers and leaves which resemble straps. Like the rest of the plants, they are prone to some environmental issues. Fortunately, they show signs to help us know the kind of problems they are facing. Leaves turning yellow is one of the most commonly found … Read more

Best Feminized Seeds for Marijuana Growers in 2022 – Top 15 Seeds Tried and Tested

Best Feminized Seeds

Those who understand plant biology, or are keen on growing marijuana plants – or have grown them before, understand the importance of feminized seeds. It is essential for growers to ensure that the seeds that they are growing are feminized because male seeds do not produce flowers. In this article, we have prepared a list … Read more

Why Are My Schefflera Leaves Turning Black? [6 Causes & Actionable Solution] – Easy Solutions

6 Causes of Schefflera Leaves Turning Black

Schefflera plants are famous for their umbrella-like leaves which are glossy and green in color. But, if you’re noticing black spots on these leaves, this simply means that something is wrong with your Schefflera plant. Several factors can cause damage to your Schefflera plants like fungi attack, overwatering, and a lot more.  If you’re having … Read more